Projects In Design

Engine Exhaust Upgrades in Curtis-Mott


This project involves upgrading the vehicle exhaust capture systems in Curtis-Mott. These systems are needed in most of the major high bay lab spaces including classrooms that have engine equipment operating in them. The vehicle exhaust systems will capture the exhaust at the source [tail pipe] and direct the exhaust to the outdoors. Mechanical equipment upgrades will also be required to handle the increased make-up air loads needed due to the required exhaust air flow rates.


Campus Contact – Allan Quinn (518) 255-6241
Architect / Engineer – TBD
Construction Value - $2,200,000
Construction Completion – April 2015



Renovation of Home Economics Building


This project is to renovate the Home Economics Building as a faculty office and classroom facility for the Business and Accounting and Agricultural Business program.  This project will provide meaningful accessibility improvements and building exiting code compliance, and also replace the roof, point the exterior masonry, upgrade the interior finishes, and replace the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.


Project Schedule:

Design Completion – February 2014

Construction Completion – January 2016


Campus Contact – Allan Quinn (518) 255-6241

Architect – Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects

Engineer - Quantum Engineering


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All entrances and exits are currently open for all buildings, except around the  Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources building construction site.