New Course Proposal

New Course Prorosal Form


Syllabus template


All new course proposals (except experimental courses) must be submitted to the committee before April 30 of the academic year. Pending approval by the provost, the new course will become available in the fall of the following academic year or later as specified in the proposal.

A syllabus must be submitted with each new course proposal.

All proposals must have all the required signatures before submitting the proposal to the curriculum committee.

Experimental courses do not need to be presented before the curriculum committee. Paper copies of the forms may be submitted directly to the registrar. The forms DO need all required signatures EXCEPT the chair of the curriculum committee and the Provost. Please submit an electronic copy of the experimental course proposal to the committee for our records.


When you save the form, rename it with course name or similar. For example, rename CCForm_New Course Proposal to BADM301_New Course Proposal, and save. If a form will not open, right click on it and download it to your computer. You should then be able to open the form.