ANGEL Training Workshop Outline

ANGEL training workshop schedules for spring 2012
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ANGEL Basics


In this one hour workshop, you will learn how to Archive Blackboard courses and Import the course to ANGEL using Import Wizard. You will also learn how to edit the imported Bb courses and how to create an ANGEL course from scratch.


ANGEL’s Discussion Forum

This workshop will cover how to set up discussion forum in ANGEL. It's different from Blackboard that provides only one Discussion Board, ANGEL allows you to set up as discussion forums for different topics. Come to the workshop to learn how to integrate this feature to your teaching.


ANGEL’s Wiki

Wiki is a very powerful ‘an asynchronous collaborative tool’ in ANGEL that makes easier for instructor and students to share and exchange information online.


ANGEL’s Blog

A blog (short for Web log) is a web page with content posted by its owner that may offer the opportunity for visitors to comment on the posting. It is different from a wiki in the sense that only the blog’s owner can edit the text of the blog while a wiki allows anyone to edit the content.


Blogs (like wikis) help build engaging online learning environments and are used with discussions and wikis to foster collaborative learning and greater peer-to-peer and student-to-faculty communication. (ANGEL Help)


ANGEL's Gradebook

In this class, you will learn how to set a simple ANGEL Gradebook with only assignment. You will also learn how to create Gradebook categories, assignments, and how to link gradebook to individual assignment so that grades go to the gradebook automatically when you grade online.


ANGEL's Drop Box

Different from Blackboard, ANGEL provides instructors with the option to create as many Digital Drop Boxes as the instruction needs. Instructor can grade assignment in the Drop box and grades will be recorded to Gradebook automatically.


Emails in ANGEL

ANGEL has its own email box so your email to students from ANGEL or students ANGEL emails to you won't go to the Outlook to take your Outlook email quota. However, if you feel this is inconvenient, you can forward reset the system so that ANGEL will forward your emails or students' emails to your favorite email box.


ANGEL Course Page

In Blackboard, you can only change course button color but in ANGEL, you can edit your course page to put a graphic background, and change frame color or font color and size.



In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create an ANGEL quiz or exam that students can take it online. It’s better than Blackboard that ANGEL allows you to copy and paste a whole set test question with a few clicks rather than one at a time. You’ll also learn how to set up the gradebook to record quiz grades when it’s submitted.


Assessment for students’ Learning Outcome

Do you ever consider mapping your course objectives with students’ learning outcomes? ANGEL has the tool to help you accomplish this goal in a very easy way. When you sign up for this workshop, just bring or your course objectives to M drive and I’ll show you how to map them with your assignments and generate a learning outcome report.


Setting up gradebook with Course Content

It seems very natural that you set up your course gradebook in ANGEL’s gradebook. However, ANGEL has a feature that allows you to set gradebook items in the Lesson window when you add content. This workshop will show you how easy and efficient to control your gradebook items in Lesson’s window without going to Gradebook.


How to use TurnItIn in ANGEL

TurnItIn is very powerful software for preventing plagiarism. Now with the adoption of ANGEL Learning system, it became one of ANGEL’s features and you can use it without setting up a separate account outside ANGEL as you had to do before. This workshop shows you how to add a TurnItIn dropbox to collect students’ papers, how to generate a analysis report, and how to enter grades inside the TurnItIn dropbox and display the grades in the gradebook automatically


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