Web 2.0 Workshops

The Future of Technology is here now. Great strides have been made to integrate advanced technology into education. Enter Web 2.0.


Web 2.0 platforms such as Skype and Jing allow professors to connect with thier students in an immersive way outside the classroom. To leran more, contact CELT or teach yourself with a video tutoral below.

We also have Workshops for Microsoft Office 2010.

  • Make an online insant video or voice call usuing this VoIP service.
  • Add contacts to your Contact List
  • Operate the voice only function if you do not wish to be video recorded
  • Use the instant file transfer system.
  • Use the Text communicator




  • Develop skills in screen recording
  • Learn about PRO and direct YouTube upload.
  • Inserting Jing recording into ANGEL and emails.
  • Utilizing webcams and microphones
  • Saving video recordings for archiving.



  • Create engaging presentations
  • Learn about using the Prezi editor
  • Inserting files into your Prezi
  • How to conduct a Prezi Presentations








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