Liberal Arts and Science Databases

Liberal Arts and Sciences databases are split among four areas:  General Sciences  -  Humanities  -  Psychology, Medicine, Health  -  Social Sciences .

Depending on your specific area of research, we recommend these databases to begin:

 Liberal Arts and Sciences– General Sciences


Includes a broad selection of the full-texts, peer-reviewed journals and bulletins published by AIBS member societies and other closely related organizations.

Environment and Energy news  
A source for comprehensive, daily coverage of environmental and energy policy and markets. Includes: Environment & Energy Daily (E&E Daily), Greenwire, Land Letter, and E&ENews PM.

Environment Complete  [EBSCOhost]
Offers deep coverage in applicable areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, renewable energy sources, natural resources, marine & freshwater science, geography, pollution & waste management, environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, social impacts, urban planning and more.

GreenFILE  [EBSCOhost]
Indexes scholarly and general interest titles, as well as government documents and reports. This resource offers a unique perspective on the positive and negative ways humans affect the environment.

Relevant subject areas: Biological Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Paleontology.

ScienceDirect  [Elsevier]
A large scientific, technical and medical database. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences
– Humanities


Humanities International Complete  SUNYConnect [EBSCOhost]
Providing full text for more than 890 journals, this database provides comprehensive coverage of the humanities, with worldwide content pertaining to literary, scholarly and creative thought.

Literature Resource Center  [Gale] SUNYConnect
Biographical information, overviews, full-text literary criticism and reviews on nearly 130,000 writers in all disciplines, from all time periods and from around the world.

Project Muse
Provides 100% full-text online access to over 380 high quality humanities and social sciences journals from over 60 scholarly publishers.

Twayne's Author Series - Twayne World, English, and US Authors  [Gale] NOVELny
Comprises 600 full-text titles from the Twayne Literary Masters series, 200 each from Twayne World, US, and English Authors.

Liberal Arts and Sciences
– Psychology, Medicine, Health


Alt Health Watch  SUNYConnect [EBSCOhost]
This database focuses on the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness.

Comprehensive source of full text for nursing & allied health journals. Combines CINAHL Plus with Full Text and CINAHL Select. Pre-CINAHL has merged with CINAHL Plus with Full Text.

Health Reference Center Academic  
This multi-source database provides access to the full text of nursing and allied health journals, plus the wide variety of personal health information sources.

Health Source - Consumer Edition  SUNYConnect [EBSCOhost]
This comprehensive database is a rich collection of consumer health information, providing access to nearly 80 full-text consumer health magazines and many other related resources. Topics covered include cancer, diabetes, drugs & alcohol, aging, fitness, nutrition & dietetics, children’s health and more.
**  Information provided in this database should not be viewed as a means for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. **

Health Source -Nursing/Academic Edition  SUNYConnect [EBSCOhost]
This resource provides nearly 550 scholarly full-text journals focusing on many medical disciplines, and offers access to 822 abstracted and indexed journals.

Relevant subject areas: Biological Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

MEDLINE   with full text [EBSCOhost] SUNYConnect
This is the world’s most comprehensive source of full text for medical journals, providing full text for more than 1,470 journals indexed in MEDLINE.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection  SUNYConnect [EBSCOhost]
This resource contains 570 full-text journals and 48 books & monographs.

PsycINFO  [Proquest]
Abstracts and citations to the scholarly literature in the psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences. Includes material of relevance to psychologists and professionals in related fields such as psychiatry, management, business, education, social science, neuroscience, law, medicine, and social work.

ScienceDirect  [Elsevier]
A large scientific, technical and medical database.

Liberal Arts and Sciences
– Social Sciences


HarpWeek  SUNYConnect 
A searchable image database of the Civil War segment (1857-1865) of the newspaper Harpers Weekly.

Military & Government Collection  SUNYConnect
Designed to offer current news pertaining to all branches of the military and government, this database offers a thorough collection of periodicals, academic journals, and other content pertinent to the increasing needs of those sites.

Opposing Viewpoints  [Gale] SUNYConnect
Access to full-text articles, news, statistics, images and web links on a number of topics and social issues.

Points of View Reference Center  SUNYConnect [EBSCOhost]
This full-text database is designed to provide students with a series of essays that present multiple sides of a current issue. The database contains 255 topics, each with an overview (objective background/description), point (argument), counterpoint (opposing argument) and Critical Thinking Guide.

Project Muse
Provides 100% full-text online access to over 380 high quality humanities and social sciences journals from over 60 scholarly publishers.

Religion and Philosophy Collection  SUNYConnect [EBSCOhost]
A large scientific, technical and medical database including Elsevier Science journals.