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Reserve forms may be found on sharepoint or you may pick one up at the library. Fill out and submit this form for all items which you wish placed on course reserves.  Please allow one week from the date of your request for library owned materials to appear on reserve. Personal items can take up to one week from the time they are received by the Circulation staff. All course reserve materials are removed at the end of each semester and will require the submission of a new form prior to reinstatement.


Copies of printed material may not be put on reserve for more than one semester without getting copyright permission.

The Van Wagenen Library will seek copyright permission when necessary and pay reasonable fees. The library reserves the right to limit the placement of items on reserve due to difficulties obtaining copyright permission or substantial royalty costs. If permission is denied, the instructor will be notified and the material will be removed from reserve immediately.

Copyright Guidelines

Materials that may be put on reserve include:

  • Entire books (but not photocopies of entire books)
  • Up to 1 chapter copied from a book
  • Copies of articles from a magazine or newspaper (no more than 3 per particular volume)
  • Copies of a short story, short essay, or short poem, copies of charts, graphs, drawings, etc.

Materials that may NOT be put on reserve include:

  • Copies of entire books
  • Copies of more than one chapter of a book
  • Consumable material such as workbooks and standardized tests

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