SUNY Cobleskill Historic Carriage House Being Put on Wheels for Move to New Campus Location

An historic carriage house on the SUNY Cobleskill campus will be lifted off its current foundation and driven up Schoharie Parkway North and relocated as part of the development of the college's new Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources on January 30 and 31.

The late 1800s carriage house was donated to SUNY Cobleskill in 1986 by The Cobleskill Restoration and Development Corporation and moved at that time from its original site on East Main Street in Cobleskill to the college campus on Route 7. Built during the latter days of the horse and buggy era, the carriage house features eight-inch pine-board siding, a wooden shingle roof and cupola with shutters.

The carriage house's new location will be adjacent to the $45.5 million center for Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), which is slated to open in Fall 2014. It will serve as a store where products-produced on campus, including fish meat and dairy products, will be sold.

Jack Ingels, SUNY Cobleskill Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, was president of the Cobleskill Restoration and Development Corp. and the project coordinator for the carriage house move in 1986. "CR&D originally sought to save the building because of its significance to the community," Ingels said. "When Cobleskill was known as 'the parlor village of upstate New York' its charm was due in part to the collection of Victorian style homes and carriage houses that lined Main, Grand, and Elm Streets. Over time many of the houses and carriage houses have been lost, so it is especially significant that this building remains and will continue to serve a meaningful function. We are grateful to the college for honoring its promise to preserve the building."

J. Kokolakis Contracting Inc., of Bohemia, NY, contractor for the CANR complex, is preparing the building for the two-day move. CANR will be a 93,000 square foot facility that provides specialized classrooms and laboratories for SUNY Cobleskill's Animal and Plant Sciences and Fisheries and Wildlife Departments. It will include new cold and warm water fish hatcheries, greenhouses, meat processing and taxidermy laboratories and serve 14 baccalaureate and associate degree programs. Nearly one-third of SUNY Cobleskill's student body is enrolled in those programs.

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Carriage House in original location:SUNY Cobleskill Carriage House

Carriage House on the move:
Carriage House on the Move