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      Is Your Student’s Meningitis Vaccine Up to Date?

Did you know that there is a meningitis vaccine that is only effective for five years? If your student received the vaccine more than five years ago, they are not protected against Meningococcal Meningitis. Your student’s health is important to us at SUNY Cobleskill. When your student’s meningitis vaccine expires (while they are attending SUNY Cobleskill), the Wellness Center notifies them and encourages them to receive another meningitis vaccination OR sign a statement that they decline the vaccine. Ask your student if they have received notification and discuss these options with them. For more information, visit

      Flu Vaccines Available Now

The flu vaccine is available at the Wellness Center for all currently enrolled students. Encourage your student to make an appointment to receive this important vaccination! There is a $20 fee.

      Letter from the President

President Terenzio

This Autumn is an exciting time of year for your family. Some of you are preparing your students to start the next phase of their growth, and to start the transition into adulthood. For others, your students are returning to campus to continue the hard, rewarding work of realizing their goals and their potential. We look forward to sharing our expertise and enthusiasm with your students as they learn to become independent thinkers and doers. Our highly celebrated applied learning approach to teaching is only one of many learning opportunities for growth and exploration at SUNY Cobleskill.

As SUNY Cobleskill celebrates its 100th year, you and your students play an important role in carrying today’s momentum into our second century of innovation. We have an impressive track record of preparing students to meet the ever-changing challenges of tomorrow, as demonstrated by our 97 percent job placement rate among graduate survey respondents.

In our next century, we will continue to prepare students to not only meet the future, but to shape it. We have announced four pioneering new degree programs during this Centennial year. They are Food Systems & Technology, which will prepare students for the complex field of global food production, distribution and consumption; Therapeutic Horsemanship, the first program of its kind in New York State; and Fermentation Science, which includes two degree options to prepare students for work in the thriving industries of food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and environmental conservation.

I would like to personally invite you to join us on Sept. 23 and 24 for our Centennial Homecoming and Family Weekend. As we celebrate Homecoming, we will also be celebrating you and your role in your student’s success. Festivities will begin Friday evening with a bonfire on Fake Field and continue with family-friendly activities all day Saturday. We will top it off with our Centennial Parade and Fireworks Saturday evening.

Autumn is a time of boundless energy in the halls, classrooms, labs and fields of SUNY Cobleskill. It is the energy of beginnings and opportunity. I am thrilled to meet our new students, who bring eager spirits; as I am excited to greet returning students, who may bring new perspectives gleaned from a summer job, internship or travel. The doors of SUNY Cobleskill stand open and waiting.

Dr. Marion Terenzio
SUNY Cobleskill President

      Currently Happening in Foundations for College Success

For the next several weeks, our students in Foundation for College Success (FFCS) are working on their Goals for Personal Success or GPS plan. Please ask your son or daughter about completing the plan and the process so that they begin to understand the usefulness and importance of looking at the short-term and long-term educational and career planning processes.

The first part of the plan, the Academic plan, is designed to help students build their academic schedules for their entire education at Cobleskill. It includes exploring and choosing General Education courses, required Liberal Arts and Sciences courses, and electives. As you can imagine, it is a very important task so students know exactly what they need to take in order to graduate on time.

The next part of the GPS is the Career Plan. Students use our computer program, FOCUS, to assess what careers match their various interests and skills. Within the program they can see a huge range of careers, how much they could potentially make, education needed, and whether their skills match with the skills needed of those employed. Students need to choose a primary career and two back-up options since we all know that career prospects can change. Our classes also have an enlightening lesson on financial literacy, typically including student loan debt and the cost of living after college. This is a great time to chat with your son or daughter about finances, budgeting, credit, and even how much it costs to live within a desired lifestyle. 

The last part of the GPS is the Educational Plan. In this part students are encouraged to look at institutions that have the degree programs needed to get to those careers. They need to explore the admissions requirements, including GPA needed. It is very important to know what GPA to strive for, even from the first semester. Our FFCS instructors have even included discussions on extra educational opportunities like studying abroad. Our students have some amazing opportunities with the tools and services SUNY Cobleskill provides.

The GPS is a lengthy and sometimes overwhelming process for students. We do let them know that it is a PLAN and that things will inevitably change. Some changes are small, like classes, and some changes may be big, like changing a major. With your support from home and the support we provide here on campus, our young adults will make their way toward their own successes.


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