Dining Services Efforts

CAS Dining Services collaborates with the college's academic programs, local farmers, and the community to help lower our carbon footprint and bolster the local economy. CAS's sustainability efforts include:


  • A farm-to-table program to help to bring the agriculture, culinary, and dining services programs together. The students help raise and process livestock, cattle, goats, pigs, fish as well as other animals. Dining Services then prepares the meal for the campus. As a tangible benefit, some costs have gone down in procurement. The costs that have gone up are negated by the value placed on the program by those involved and served.
  • 17% of CAS's purchases are procured locally within a 150 mile radius, while realizing an 8.9% decrease in overall food cost. In the current fiscal year, the goal is to increase this to over 20%, and within 3-4 years, the College has mandated that number go to 35%.
  • Purchase compostable and biodegradable to-go ware and cutlery.
  • Taken the Pride of N.Y. Pledge to increase sourcing of New York State grown and made products.
  • Partnered with local distributor Antonucci's to get local produce such as apples from Yonder farms in Hudson, eggs from Thomas poultry in Schuylerville, potatoes and cabbage from Torrey farms in Syracuse, as well as Pride of NY dried spices out of Syracuse.
  • Catering and restaurant wine and beer list is at least 20% New York products. 
  • Starting to utilize composting as well as using kitchen scraps to help feed the livestock.