What to Do If Someone Tells You They Have Experienced Sexual Violence

Please follow these instructions if a student or employee tells you that
they have experienced Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault/Rape, Dating/Domestic Violence or Stalking


What to Do If Someone Tells You They Have Experienced Sexual Violence

  • Offer care and support
  • Listen without judgment
  • Try not to ask questions about what happened; allow the student or employee to tell you as much as they feel comfortable sharing
  • Offer your support
  • Encourage the student or employee to seek help and counseling as soon as possible
  • Use language like “I’m sorry that this happened.  Thank you for telling me.”
  • If the individual’s safety is an immediate concern, call the University Police Department 518-255-5317 or 911
  • Let the student or employee know you will need to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator in accordance with College policy.  Use language like, “I have an obligation to notify the Title IX Coordinator. This means someone will reach out to you to offer assistance, and discuss reporting options and resources.  As much as possible, any additional steps taken will remain your decision.”
  • Read the following sentence verbatim to the person reporting sexual violence to you, “You have the right to make a report to University Police, local law enforcement, and/or State Police, or choose not to report; to report the incident to SUNY Cobleskill; to be protected by SUNY Cobleskill from retaliation for reporting an incident; and to receive assistance and resources from SUNY Cobleskill.”
  • Give the student or employee a “Sexual Discrimination and Violence Prevention and Resources” brochure 

Who Needs to Report?

All SUNY Cobleskill employees, including student employees, and
students in campus leadership roles must report incidents to Lynn
Berger, Director, Human Resources and Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator, 518-255-5465, Knapp Hall 123, bergerla@cobleskill.edu.


Exceptions to reporting are made for employees who operate under statutorily protected confidentiality (i.e. licensed health and
counseling staff in the Wellness Center, and the Employee Assistance Program Coordinator).


Why You Need to Report

  • To ensure the individual has access to all available resources
  • To ensure campus safety
  • To prevent reoccurrences
  • To comply with Title IX and other federal and state regulations


Resources and Reporting Options


  • For Emergency Assistance or to Report a Crime
    University Police, 518-255-5317 or 911, Johnson Hall
  • For Medical Attention or to Discuss Your Situation with a Counselor (Confidential Resource for Students)
    Beard Wellness Center, 518-255-5225, wellnesscenter@cobleskill.edu
  • For Medical or Counseling Referrals (Confidential Resource
    for Employees)
    Marie Gerhardt, Employee Assistance Program Coordinator, 
    518-255-5369, gerharmo@cobleskill.edu
  • For Questions About Title IX Reporting, Academic or
    Residential Accommodations, or to File a Sexual Harassment
    or Discrimination Complaint
    Lynn Berger, Director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator, 518-255-5465, bergerla@cobleskill.edu, Knapp Hall 123
  • To Report Student Code of Conduct Violations Including
    Sexual Harassment or Discrimination
    Matthew LaLonde, Director of Student Conduct and Veteran’s Affairs, 518-255-5215, lalondmm@cobleskill.edu,
    Bouck Hall 126D
  • To Contact Local Law Enforcement
    Cobleskill Police Department, 518-234-2111 or 911, 378 Mineral Springs Rd, Cobleskill, NY 12043
  • To Contact Family or Civil Court
    Schoharie County Court, 518-453-6999, 290 Main Street, Schoharie, NY 12157
  • For Additional Information and Resources:
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