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State Budget Requests 2020-2021


The State Budget Request Form has been simplified for the Fiscal Year 20/21.  The template provided requires the budget holders to complete a form for EACH of their State Accounts. Budget holders will upload the required summary data through the submission form below and upload the template file prior to clicking the Submit button. 

Download the State Budget Request Template

Please follow the steps to complete this form:

  1. Complete the cells for Vice President, the Account Number, the Budget Holder, and the Account Name.
  2. Please use Business Intelligence (BI) to assist in estimating projected expenditures. Here are the Login Directions for BI: Login to Business Intelligence (BI) to complete the sections related to the Fiscal Year(s). In BI, the Budget Holder will click on to the “Account Summary” dashboard, enter the “Account number”, change the Fiscal Year, as necessary, and click “Apply”.

    For the following steps, please enter the Projected Expenditures.
  3. List Temporary Service - Regular
  4. List Extra Service
  5. List Temporary Service - Student
  6. List OTPS - Office, Maintenance, Academic Supplies
  7. List OTPS - Travel
  8. List OTPS - Service Contracts, Subscriptions, Advertising, Cell Phones
  9. List OTPS New Equipment Needs
  10. List Library Acquisitions Only
  11. List Construction Renovation or Repair


The Final Summary Tab at the bottom of the form will auto-populate. 

Please contact the Carol Vosatka or Laura Gross for assistance in navigating in the SUNY Business Intelligence (BI) module. 


Submit your State Budget Request