Professional and Career Training Certificates

Fiber Sorting, Grading, Classing Certification

The goal of this certificate is to provide professional training which will lead to standardize sorting and grading of natural animal fibers in the United States thereby supporting and enhancing the natural fiber textile industry across the country. Classes are taught throughout the country with instruction provided by certified Master Sorter/Grader/Classer professionals from SGC (Sorting Grading Classing). The certification includes three parts:

Basic Fiber Sorting and Grading Certificate 

Day-long workshop for .8 CEUs (Continuing Educational Units). The goal for the Basic Course is to have natural fiber producers gain the knowledge to return to their farm and organize their fiber for production. Management, harvesting and sorting are the building blocks for the workshop with hands-on time to gain experience.

Advanced Fiber Sorting and Grading Certificate 

Three-day, hands-on course for 2.4 CEUs. It is geared to those individuals who want more in-depth education and/or are interested in developing a business sorting for other fiber bearing livestock owners or fiber purchasers. This Advanced Course requires completion of the Basic Course and a passing score on the final exam before registering.

Apprenticeship Program

Two years of field work in sorting, grading and classing of a minimum of 250 fleece. Each apprentice has a mentor providing guidance and feedback throughout the apprenticeship. The Apprenticeship Program is designed for those who wish to pursue receiving their final Certification in Sorting/Grading/Classing. Qualification for this program requires successful completion of both the Basic Course and Advanced Course.

Upcoming Trainings:

Basic Fiber Sorting, Grading, Classing Workshop
Friday, May 31 • 8:30am-5pm
Cost: $15

Advanced Fiber Sorting & Grading Workshop
Saturday - Monday, June 1-3 • 8:30am-5pm
Cost: $475

More Info on Fiber Workshops


Need more information? Contact Deb Pernat at pernatdg@cobleskill.edu or 518-255-5528.

Refund Policy

An individual withdrawing from a PACE Career Training Certificate, non-credit class or conference/workshop and requesting a refund must notify The Office of Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) in Knapp Hall Room 144 either in person or by email at pace@cobleskill.edu. Refunds will be in the form of a check or repayment to the original credit card.


Refund Schedule

Refund Amount

Withdrawal four weeks prior to start of the class


Withdrawal between four and two weeks prior to the start of class*


Withdrawal less than two weeks prior to class*



*If PACE or the individual is able to recruit a replacement for the position in class, a full refund will be distributed.

In the event of insufficient class/course registration the University reserves the right to cancel the program and refund all payments.