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Paramedic Program

The Paramedic program fills a rapidly expanding medical role that is gaining in demand. As an allied healthcare professional, the paramedic is the most highly trained EMS provider in the pre-hospital setting. The paramedic responds to medical emergencies and provides the critical care necessary to support, sustain and often save lives.

Paramedic education includes advanced skills in patient assessment, advanced airway management, cardiac care, and advanced cardiac life support. Students will have the opportunity to become proficient in intubation, ECG monitoring and 12-lead ECG, defibrillation, IV therapy, medical administration, and more.

Through didactic education and hands-on experience in the lab, hospital and field, our program will prepare you to make critical decisions, provide compassionate care, and be a confident leader on the scene of an emergency. As a paramedic, you are the critical link between the patient and the hospital, providing care that can affect a patient, long after your work is done.

Paramedic Program Options

Paramedic, Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Paramedic Certification


Classes are taught by faculty who are active in the region’s EMS community. They are dedicated to helping students learn the essentials of becoming competent entry-level paramedics. Sample courses for both the AAS and Certificate include:

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology 
  • Paramedic Field Clinical
  • Paramedic Hospital Clinical
  • Paramedic Lab 

SUNY Cobleskill Paramedic Program 2016-2017 Paramedic Certificate Outcomes

NYS Paramedic Written Examination Pass Rate 95%
NYS Paramedic Practical Skills Examination Pass Rate 91%
NYS Paramedic Course Retention Rate
(including all non-academic attrition)

Positive Job Placement Percentage of graduates who obtained NYS Paramedic Certification  100%

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, successful students will:

  • Be prepared for the NYS certification examinations.
  • Be able to treat critically ill and injured patients in a variety of settings.
  • Be able to effectively communicate through oral and written methods in a patient care setting.
  • Be able to lead EMS teams during field operations.
  • Possess essential psychomotor skills of a professional paramedic.


The SUNY Cobleskill Paramedic Program delivers a graduate who is the field-ready paramedic that employers want to hire. Job placement for graduates who obtained NYS paramedic certification at the end of the course is 100%.

  • Commercial & private ambulance services
  • Municipal EMS organizations
  • Fire departments

Per the US Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth rate in EMS employment for 2010 -2020 is very good, at 33%. The average rate for all occupations is 14%.

Occupations: Paramedic (SOC code: 29-2041.00)

On-time Graduations Rate: 88%

Job Placement Rate: 100% of all graduates who obtained New York State paramedic certification.
View U.S. Department of Labor statistics >>

Median Loan Debt: To be reported in fall 2018

Tuition & Fees: The program can be completed in two full-time semesters at the college's current rates for Tuition and Fees.