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International Week Photo Contest

Student Winners


1st Place - Brittney James, Junior, Wildlife Management
Chinese Garden of Friendship, New South Wales, Australia

a woman sits on a ledge overlooking a koi pond in the Chinese Garden of Friendship in New South Wales, Australia



2nd Place - Justin Fairbrother, Senior, Wildlife Management
SUNY Cobleskill Study Abroad - Morning Drive at Kruger National Park, South Africa

Two giraffes munching on leaves as the sun rises in Kruger National Park in South Africa



3rd Place - Courtney Wade, Senior, Graphic Design
Owls Head Fire Tower, Adirondack Mountains

view of the adirondack mountains looking through the bars of the Owls Head Fire Tower



Alumni, Faculty & Staff Winners


1st Place - Sara Germain, '17 Wildlife Management
SUNY Cobleskill Study Abroad – Green Violetear at Mount Totumas, Panama

a bird with shimmery blue feathers and a long black beak sits on some wet leaves in the forest of Mount Totumas, Panama



2nd Place - Will Kelly, Associate Director of Residential Life
Zurmatt, Switzerland

A snow covered mountain in Switzerland set against a bright blue sky.



3rd Place - Tyler Itzkowitz, RD Draper Hall
Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

brightly covered banners fly from the beams covering a pier of Victoria Harbor, with the skyline of Hong Kong in the background


Runner-ups - Students 

Miranda-Rys Brittany-Nomes Darryl-King Nicole-Bosco Sujeidi-Henriquez


Runner-ups - Alumni, Faculty and Staff

Deb-Bechtold Erin-Wolcott Megan-Golden Paul-Novko Sergey Syd-Bloom