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Meet the Staff


Jesse - He/him

My Name is Jesse my pronouns are He/Him. My major is Information Technology B.T. / Information Technology end-user support A.A.S. I love Coby because of all the opportunities I've had as a student. I have been involved with various activities on campus such as being a Resident Assistant, Campus Engagement Leader, and I sit on several different committees. I am the Class of 2023!

Email: ferrij250@cobleskill.edu 



Seneca - She/her

Hey all! My name is Seneca & my pronouns are she/her. My major is Applied Psychology. I am the Class of 2023. This Fall will be my 5th semester as a Resident Assistant and I will be in Wieting Hall. I love Cobleskill because of the individuals I have met and the opportunities I’ve had living on campus. SUNY Cobleskill allows everything to be a learning experience, and this enables students to grow professionally and personally.

My email is rehbers489@cobleskill.edu  


Nigel - He/him

Hi! My name is Nigel my pronouns are He/Him. My major is Fisheries and Aquaculture B.T. I will be graduating in May of 2023. On campus I have been a Resident Assistant in Pearson Hall for 5 semesters! I also was the Vice president for L.A.S.O (Latin American Student Organization). I love Coby because it is always so fun! The Campus Engagement Board here put on so many events for us to enjoy like Lazer tag and roller skating.  



Ty - He/him

Hey! My name is Ty and my pronouns are He/Him. My major is Bachelor of Applied Psychology (BS) and Associates in Liberal Arts and Sciences. I recently graduated this year in May of 2022. Before I graduated, I was a Resident Assistant for 4 semesters in Davis Hall and Fake Hall. I love cobleskill for the beautiful scenery and clear starry nights. My email is longt101@cobleskill.edu .


Annalise - She/her

Hey everyone! My name is Annalise (She/Her/Hers). I am a dual degree student, so my majors are Canine Training and Management (BT) and Agricultural Business Management (BS). My minors are both Agricultural Education and Honors. I am going into my third year here at SUNY Cobleskill and planning to graduate in May of 2024. As a student at Coby, I have been quite involved on campus! I was the Student Kennel Manager for our canine program, as well as a Resident Assistant for three semesters in Parsons Hall. Now I am the Senior Resident Assistant of Davis Hall and a Campus Engagement Leader! I have also been pretty active in numerous clubs and committees across campus. I love Coby because of the relationships I have built with both staff and students on campus! During the semester you can find me in Davis Hall, a First Year Experience building where many of our incoming students will be residing! Please do not hesitate to say hi or reach out! My email is: winklea489@cobleskill.edu  



Kelsey - She/her

Hello! My name is Kelsey and my pronouns are she/her/hers. My degree programs are Animal Science B.T. concentration in animal industry and Liberal Arts and Sciences A.A. concentration in psychology. My minors are in Agricultural Education and Honors. I will be graduating in May of 2023. I have been pretty involved on campus with Residential Life as I have been a Resident Assistant for four semesters and a Senior Resident Assistant for two semesters. I have been a Campus Engagement Leader as well as I am the Vice President for the Its On Us Chapter. I love Coby because of all the opportunities there are here for students to grow. During the semester, you can find me in the Pearson Hall RA office or around campus. If you see me, don’t be afraid to say hi and start a conversation!! You can reach me by email at: bowersk388@cobleskill.edu 


Melena - She/her

Hey everyone! My name is Melena (She/Her). I was an Animal Science (BT) major with a concentration in Animal Industry. I just graduated from SUNY Cobleskill this May, and I will be completing my internship at The Green Chimneys school this fall. When I attended SUNY Cobleskill, I was a Residential Assistant in both Parsons and Draper Hall (5 semesters). Aside from my involvement in residential life, I was also an academic mentor for EOP students, an EOP student, night host, and I had some involvement in the canine club on campus. I love Coby, because of all the tools that I have been given, which allow me to perform well in my career field. I also love being able to play with all the newborn animals that are born every semester.  

Email: thorntm649@cobleskill.edu 




Kevin - He/him

Hi my name is Kevin ( He/Him). My major is Communications in Technology (BS) and I will be graduating in 2023. I'm involved in a few different things on campus at Coby. I am a Resident Assistant in Davis Hall and a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) where I represent the basketball team. I also play basketball for SUNY Cobleskill. I love Cobleskill because of the opportunities the school has to offer and I have met a lot of really great people so far! You can reach me by email at: trevilk014@cobleskill.edu 


MaKenna - She/her

Hi everyone! My name is MaKenna and my pronouns are she/her. My major is Applied Psychology and I plan to graduate in May 2023. In my time at SUNY Cobleskill, I have taken the role of being a Resident Assistant in Alumni Commons for the past 4 semesters and I will continue to be this coming year.I love Cobleskill because of the people that I have met and the connections that I have made throughout campus. I have been able to take time to get to know faculty and staff, so I enjoy my time no matter where I find myself on campus.  

Email: thissem717@cobleskill.edu  



Bryanna - She/her

Hey everyone, my name is Bryanna. My pronouns are she/ her. My major is Canine Training and Management (BT) and I have a minor in English. I will be going into my senior year at SUNY Cobleskill and I will be part of the graduating class of May 2023. As far as my campus engagement, I have been a Resident Assistant for two years and will be a Senior Resident Assistant during the Fall 2022 semester. Something that I love about Cobleskill is having access to a bunch of quiet areas on campus where I can study, meditate, and just take personal time for myself to relax and admire the beautiful scenery.  

Email: arnoldb914@cobleskill.edu  



Brooke - She/her

Hey! My name is Brooke and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am dual majoring in Agricultural Business B.S. and Food Systems B.T. I hope to graduate in the spring of 2023. On campus, I work in the Office of Admissions as a Student Ambassador and in the Athletic Department as a Fitness Center Supervisor. In my spare time, I am an officer in Ag Business Club/NAMA team as well as Sigma Alpha Sorority. I love Cobleskill because of the amazing people I have met throughout my time here. As I go into my senior year, a piece of advice I would like to leave with you is to take every opportunity no matter how big or small, it might take you you to places you have never even dreamed of. See you soon!  

Email: billinb051@cobleskill.edu 



Mary - She/her

Greetings New Students, Welcome to Coby! I am honored to serve as the Director of the Office of Student Leadership. I have the priviledge of working with this incredible group of student leaders & scholars. If I can support you in any way, answer any questions about Orientation, or assist you in your journey at SUNY Cobleskill, please do not hesitate to reach out. The Office of Student Leadership and Orientation is a space for students to support them when they transition into SUNY Cobleskill, but also for students along their way. 

The Office of Student Leadership and Orientation host a series of engagement efforts including programming, leadership events, conferences and more to empower our student body. Through student engagement in programming via our Campus Engagement Board (CEB), Student Government Association (SGA), and general leadership development, our office strives to propel a student's co-curricular experience outside of the classroom. 

I can be reached over the phone at 518-255-5304 or via email at McCartMe@cobleskill.edu