Effie Bennett-Powe
Child Development Center

Morning Preschool Program
Campus Lab Setting for Early Childhood Programs


Offering High Quality Preschool for Children Ages 3 - 5


  • Play-based philosophy with an emphasis on promoting children's social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language development.
  • Positive child guidance techniques and strategies are used that encourage children's self-discipline and moral autonomy.
  • Spacious classroom with dramatic play, blocks, art, math and science, and language and literacy.
  • Outdoor play area and indoor gym on the premises.
  • Community guests and family involvement enhance and expand your child's understanding of self and others.
  • Field trips that explore the campus setting such as animal barns and greenhouses.
  • Early Childhood faculty teach in the preschool with practicum students.


Contact Information:


Renee Knapp
Lead Preschool Teacher
518.255.5696 preschool classroom
5182.255.5421 department secretary
Voicemails are checked daily from 7:30–8:00am and again after 12pm.


Dr. Gail Wentworth Ed.D.
Program Director
Professor, Early Childhood Studies
Chair, Early Childhood &
Psychology Dept.




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