Spring 2023 Plan // Apply // HEERF // Careers at Cobleskill

Middle States Steering Committee


Katherine Brent, Associate Librarian
Kathy Johnson, Associate Professor


Standard I – Mission and Goals

Dave Campbell, Professor

Eric Stein, College Council

Jennifer Walrath, Professor

Anita Wright, Director of Professional and Continuing Education


Standard II – Ethics and Integrity

Paul Gemmiti, Professor

Laura Gross, Controller

Bill Tusang, Associate Professor


Standard III – Design and Delivery of Student Learning Experience

Alisha Huth, Keyboard Specialist 2

Tim Marten, Associate Professor

Mike McCaskey, Professor


Standard IV – Support of the Student Experience

Jennifer Golden, Associate Director of Educational Support Services

Doug MacLeod, Associate Professor

Donna Pesta, Director of the Center for Career Development

Brittany VanDuzer, Student


Standard V – Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Amy Quinn, Associate Professor

Ben Weikert, Assistant Professor

Crystal Zettl, Senior Admissions Advisor 


Standard VI – Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

Mary Guerrant, Assistant Professor

Josie Motyl, Assistant Director for End-User Services

Tom Poltynski, Farm Coordinator


Standard VII – Governance, Leadership, and Administration

Anne Rogan, Professor

Barbara Brabetz, Professor

Linda Cross, College Council

Sophie Ano, Associate Professor