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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In Remembrance of Ahmaud Arbery

A jury has convicted three men in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia in February 2020.

As we reflect on Ahmaud’s life and death, and the outcome of this trial, let us not assume closure for those closely associated, or indeed, ourselves. We still grieve. We still contend with the trauma, anger, and desperation sown in us through Ahmaud’s death.

Assuming closure would be a disservice to our common humanity when much progress toward social justice remains ahead of us. Instead, we can focus the energizing qualities of our emotions on motivating societal change and understanding.

Honoring the legacy of those lost through senseless acts of violence calls us to continue our mission of bringing about an end to divisiveness and inequity. Our learning and our teaching in this regard are without end. We must remain a unified campus community and find solace in knowing our resilience to cope is measured by our willingness to support each other.

Please note that professional counseling services are available to all students through our campus Wellness Center. You may contact them confidentially at 518-255-5225 or by emailing wellnesscenter@cobleskill.edu.

Derwin Bennett
Chief Diversity Officer

Creating a Welcoming and Supportive Community

SUNY Cobleskill is committed to creating a community of practice that fosters the exchange of ideas in a respectful and non-threatening way, and creates better understanding, awareness, and opportunities to learn from each other.

We reject bigotry, hateful speech, oppression, harassment, bullying, and all forms of injustice.

We believe in the inherent dignity of each person.  We value fairness, civility, and kindness.  We listen to, encourage, and support each other.  We seek to instill in our faculty, staff and students a lifelong appreciation for the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion so that we can create a better world.

Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matters:


SUNY Cobleskill Strategic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan 2017-2022 


Virtual SUNY Pride Conference Oct. 22-24

SUNY Oneonta is hosting their annual SUNY Pride Conference virtually from October 22-24. Registration is free and open October 4-20. Presentation proposals are accepted until October 10. For conference information and to register, please visit: https://suny.oneonta.edu/gender-and-sexuality-resource-center/suny-pride-conference. See flyer for more information.

Please contact Abbey Perkins, co-advisor of Queer & Allies (Q&A), with any questions: perkinal@cobleskill.edu or 518-255-5817.

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