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As a premier institution in Agriculture and Technology, SUNY Cobleskill acts as a reflection of and a catalyst for advancement in our fields. As our applied methods of living and learning continue to evolve, we come to find that agriculture and technology are intrinsically linked to the future of human well-being and environmental sustainability.  

Global organizations are expressing their commitment to bringing about a more socially inclusive world, one which engages in ecological sustainability efforts to support a growing population. Our institution, with its focus on practices and innovations to enhance the human-environment dynamic, is most suited to providing the expertise and preparing the professionals needed to carry out this vision.  

This year can be seen as a pivotal moment for our institution. It is a moment in which, despite the disruption of the pandemic, we can create new synergy across our fields of study. To do so will lead to a more integrated education, one that resembles contemporary, collaborative research and intervention methods that find solutions for pressing societal and global issues. 

We are one of very few higher education institutions able to inform modern learning methods through a historical demonstration of stewardship for the purpose of nurturing and enhancing a vibrant ecosystem. Now, we heed a broader call from global leaders in shaping the sustainable society of tomorrowEducation is the hope of the world, and SUNY Cobleskill holds an essential role in the future of higher education.  


Dr. Marion Terenzio


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