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Paying it Forward

To create positive change in ourselves and greater community, we need look no further for inspiration at SUNY Cobleskill than to our vision: to call all learners to grow, sustain, and renew the world and its citizens. Our vision is with us in our day-to-day actions, as well as our long-term pursuits. It guides our quest for knowledge in the present and the future.

Evidence of our vision exists across campus; at our annual Scholarship Luncheon, it is on full display. This celebration and recognition of the bond between our donors and students is a campus favorite. Our benefactors sustain student-learning, propelling our students to renew the world evolving around them.

On a day on which we reward and acknowledge the creation of opportunity, we also address the notion of “paying it forward.” What can we do with the opportunities we have? How can we extend our reach to maximize our impact? Where can we turn to transfer all that we have to others? I think it is critically important our students not only develop an understanding of this concept, but also reflect on how it applies to their own situations.

I reached out to our students for their insights. I had no doubt their responses would impress and inspire me.

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