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Congratulations to President Terenzio on Receiving the New York State ACE Catalyst Award

President Terenzio received the ACE Catalyst Award on April 6 in recognition of her achievements in promoting the advancement of women in higher education in New York State, and for dedicating herself to generously serving her students, colleagues and institution. Further, the award recognizes her efforts to advance higher education through collaborative efforts across disciplines in academic, government and business communities.

“This award is a wonderful reminder as to why we work so hard and that it matters. I think that the most important attribute of a mentor-leader is to remain open to new experiences, to be a learner so that you can continue to be a relevant role model. Moving the needle requires a strong network that is unwavering in its mission, a talented pool of leaders willing to share and sacrifice and younger professionals who strive to continue the work,” said President Terenzio.


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