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Check In

Faculty and Staff Must Report Presence on Campus

As we continue to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for those of us who report to campus to fulfill our obligations, we must follow strict protocols. This now includes the mandate that all faculty and staff use the form to report their presence on campus effective immediately. The form should be used for ALL visits to campus, including spontaneous or quick visits, as it allows us to ensure all areas are appropriately cleaned and disinfected. This process will allow us to comply with the Governor’s orders to maintain social distancing and ensure a reduced density requirement in our fight to contain the spread of COVID-19.


Report Your Presence on Campus


Screening Questions

Faculty and Staff are required to complete a daily health screening. The daily health screening is to assure you are not displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 while on campus; should you be displaying any of the symptoms you are to go home and report your status to your supervisor and the Human Resources Office as directed. Please use button below to submit your daily affirmation.


Health Screening Questions