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Animal Science BT


The Bachelor of Technology degree in Animal Science is designed to offer students the opportunity to study the animal sciences in preparation for careers in the animal industry at the production level or in the support industries. Advisement tracks are offered in a general course of study or in dairy, livestock, equine, or animal nutrition.

The College maintains a farm that houses dairy, beef, equine, meat goats, sheep, swine and poultry. Students have the opportunity to take courses in animal care and management, nutrition, reproduction, training, forage management and agricultural business. One of the most exciting features of the Bachelor of Technology program is the full semester internship requirement. With the completion of the internship in a specialized industry or business environment, these graduates will have experienced the real work world in their fields of expertise. This professional experience greatly enhances the graduate's qualifications and is a definite asset as they seek employment.

Degree Option

Bachelor of Technology (BT)


Students will take general courses in animal science, and then build a course sequence with their advisor based on the advisement track in which they choose to focus their studies. General coursework includes Farm Management, Ag Business Financial Management, Animal Health, and Animal Management. Advisement track courses include:

Animal Industry

  • Dairy Science Techniques
  • Animal Science Techniques
  • Equine Science Techniques
  • Animal Reproduction

Animal Nutrition

  • Feeds & Feeding
  • Intro to Dairy Nutrition
  • Equine & Companion Animal Nutrition
  • Fish Nutrition
  • Advanced Ruminant Nutrition
  • Feed Milling
  • Chemistry


  • Intro to Soil Science
  • Dairy Science Techniques
  • Dairy Record Management
  • Dairy Cattle Management
  • Dairy Cattle Breeding



  • Farm Equipment Operation/Safety
  • Equine Techniques
  • Equine Breeding/Breeding Farm Management
  • Tackless Training



  • Intro to Soil Science
  • Meat Products
  • Animal Science Techniques
  • Livestock Production, Evaluation & Marketing
  • Animal Reproduction


Career opportunities in the animal sciences are promising. Animal agriculture is the largest component of agriculture in the northeast United States. Both the US Department of Agriculture and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predict the number of people employed in the life sciences to continue to increase. Available positions will be greater than the number of qualified graduates. Some of our recent graduates have found career positions with production farms, feed manufacturers, agribusinesses, state and federal agencies, veterinary practices, research facilities, meat processing facilities, pet stores, racetracks, equine training facilities and publishers of agricultural and animal industry magazines.