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Applied Fermentation

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Applied Fermentation, Bachelor of Technology (BT)


Fermented food, food products, and beverages contribute billions of dollars each year to the national and global economies. Career fermentation specialists are more sought-after than ever in the craft beverage, dairy, and food industries. These fields and many more are powerful economic drivers in New York and nationwide.

Many products we use on a daily basis involve fermentation in their production stages – bread, wine, cheese, tea, and yogurt, and even biodegradable food packaging.

Our program starts by delivering a strong foundation in topics in the liberal arts, sciences, and business. Focus then shifts to food and beverage education, from growth to manufacture. As you move through the program you will pick up practical, hands-on, real-world experience with a co-op, internship, or on-campus research opportunity, along with a senior seminar exploring case studies in fermentation science.

As a student in the Bachelor of Technology Program, you can expect courses in Food and Beverage Production, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Business. Sample courses include:


  • Food System Regulation
  • Food Service Sanitation
  • Beverage Management
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Distilled Spirits
  • Cider & Other Beverages
  • Marketing Ag Products
  • Financial Accounting
  • Ag Business Operations
  • Production Management
  • Dairy Processing Technology
  • Oenology
  • Brewing Science

A degree in Applied Fermentation prepares graduates for careers throughout food systems and technologies. Fermentation is practiced in all stages of product design, creation, and distribution in the craft beverage and food production industries. The need for expert professionals is growing in each of these areas – and beyond.

Your degree in Applied Fermentation will prepare you to launch a successful career as a:

  • Craft Beverage Manufacturer
  • Craft Beverage Retailer and Distributor
  • Food Product Marketer
  • Hospitality Professional
  • Business Owner
  • Master Brewer
  • Distiller

  • Farm Brewer

  • Food Service Professional

  • Culinary Arts Professional

  • Product Wholesaler

  • Food Systems Regulator

  • Food and Beverage Policymaker