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Weather Emergency Plan

The State University of New York at Cobleskill is a residential community and must stay open at all times. Only the Governor has the authority to close the campus. However, there are occasions when a weather emergency (i.e. serious winter storm) will create the need for:

In all cases, employees and students must use their best judgment in determining their own safety when traveling to and from the campus. Leave accruals must be charged unless the Governor officially closes the campus.

The official decision to declare a weather emergency will be made by the College President or her designee in consultation with the Director of Facilities Management as necessary. Dr. Susan Zimmermann, Vice President for Academic Affairs, will be the designee.


An appropriate weather-related message will be distributed as follows:


Despite our best efforts, a class cancellation notice for SUNY Cobleskill may get listed among the "school closings" on radio and television stations. Be reminded that this normally means only that classes are cancelled, NOT that the campus is closed. If campus was closed by the Governor, we would communicate that via the voice mail system and campus email.