Parent, 2015

"Seven years ago we enrolled our daughter in the pre-school program at the Child Care Center with Tanya and Ayaka as her teachers. While she only thought she was playing, what she learned that year more than prepared her for kindergarten. Being able to use the SUNY campus for “field trips” whether it is visiting livestock, the greenhouses or getting a tour to look at the machinery makes it a unique educational setting. We stayed at the Center for after school daycare from kindergarten through fifth grade as it was not only convenient (the Center is open when school closes early for weather) but the entire staff is compassionate, enthusiastic and efficient making it a comfortable environment for our daughter."

Parent, 2015

"From 5 months old to 5 years old the Center has provided my daughter with the best care and most exceptional learning experience I could ask for!"

Infant Parent, 2014

"Our daughter started attending Cobleskill Campus Child Care Center when she was 6 months old. My husband and I selected the Center because of its reputation, transparency, and philosophy of child care and education. The Center worked with us in the weeks leading up to my return to work to familiarize our daughter with the teachers, the infant classroom, and the other children, but she struggled to adjust and the transition was a difficult one for our family. I could not have asked for a more supportive partnership from the Center's staff and director in helping my daughter through this challenging time. They tried many different strategies to help her feel safe and comfortable, and even sought the counsel of an outside source to help meet my child's needs. I was both stunned and grateful to learn that this large child care facility was willing to work one-on-one with us to provide individualized care to a little girl they had just met.

With careful attention to her cues, her teachers were able to grow a bond of trust and attachment with my daughter in a matter of weeks, and she has flourished. She is bright and happy at 'school' these days; she laughs and plays and learns from people who have worked hard to earn her trust. Her teachers are gentle and patient caregivers who manage every day to find the balance between structured guidance, empathy, education, and fun. They love the children in their charge and they embraced my daughter with warmth and kindness when she needed it most. Their flexibility allows me to stay connected to my little one. They accommodate my daily visits for breastfeeding and they work around our family's changing schedules. As a first-time mom who struggled with returning to work and placing my daughter in someone else's care, I found great comfort in the genuine compassion and consideration that I found at the Cobleskill Campus Child Care Center."

Rachel P., Parent

"Your Center is seriously one of a kind. It was truly wonderful and I always felt more than comfortable with both my kids being there, and they enjoyed it, too!"

Dottie Wilcox, Grandparent

"My granddaughter has been at the center since she was eight weeks old. She is now entering the school age room. One thing about the teachers that has been remarkable is their insight to when the children need to transition from one room to the next. It is not by a date on the calendar, but the child's needs too.

Each room at the center has been special to our family. The teachers always look out for the well-being and comfort of the children, while creating an environment for learning."

Michael Massucci, Parent

My son started at Cobleskill Campus Child Care Center Inc., in the "Tiny Tot" classroom. I was drawn to the center by the reputation it held in the community and the theory based practice utilized, Reggio Amelia Theory. As a post graduate educated, first time, stay at home, mom that was told by our pediatrician that my son needs socialization, I only wanted the best. After being on the list, I got my call. This center was vastly different from the other alternatives available in the community. It is theory based; low numbers and the teacher teams have an outstanding reputation within the community. To me, when it comes to my son, price is not a concern however, the center is extremely reasonable... read full testimonial >

Leelani Voigtland, Parent

"I have had children at the child care center for 6 years and continually impressed by patience, love and structure my children are provided at the center. They are flexible around my family needs as well. The exploration activities my kids do at the center help them learn and grown."

Francesca J. D’Amico-Bailey, Parent

"Like many parents, my husband and I like to think of ourselves as exceptional parents; however the success of our two young children, Santino and Michael is largely due to the excellent work of the teachers at the Cobleskill Campus Child Care Center. I believe there is no work more important than theirs.

When my first child was born, we heard great things about the center so we elected to visit and ultimately enrolled him. Immediately, we were impressed with the staff and the quality of care he received. In a matter of months, he learned so much and was doing things that hadn't even occurred to us to teach him. Within a year or so, I began to hear the term Reggio Emilia referencing a “new” approach to teaching at the center. One of the teachers, Christy Robarge, took time to explain the approach to me and how it was being used in her classroom. As a teacher, I found the concept exciting..." read full testimonial >

Sabrina McLasky, Employee

"It is because of the Cobleskill Campus Child Care Center that I can pursue my degree here at SUNY Cobleskill. The support from the Center allows me to further my education while being able to financially support myself. The Center is extremely flexible with my schedule and encourages and inspires my education. Furthermore the sense of community between the Center and the campus reassures me that this is school I want to be at. It is a pleasure to know the families and children of the SUNY faculty, staff, and students. These daily interactions strengthen connections with professors or faculty members into a support system."

Anup, Parent, 2015

My daughter has been going to Cobleskill Campus Child care for almost a year now. Its said, “The first impression is always the last impression” that is what exactly what we received the very first day. We couldn't find the Childcare center, Sabrina was on the phone for 15 minutes and helped with direction until we reached the building.

Certainly there are many Childcare centers, but we chose Cobleskill Child care because my co-workers spoke highly of, never had any issues through the entire stay, always worked with parent’s schedule and always had great communications.

It is always hard when a child starts a new place with new friends and teachers, but they were very caring, patient and understanding. Christy and Stephanie [Anushka’s Teacher] were outstanding. Every morning, they greeted my daughter and myself with a big smile, which I appreciated very much. My daughter built a strong bond with Christy. Every morning my daughter was welcomed with a warm hug and cuddle. Everyday got better and for the last few months, my daughter even asked if she could go to her school everyday. Communications were great, not just from teacher also from administrations as well. We always received an email everyday describing what kids did the whole day, which was very appreciated. Along with everybody, Janet, Ellen, Beth and Maureen always welcoming.

We are very happy that out daughter went to Cobleskill Childcare center. Never had any issues. All the teachers were very compassionate and very openhearted. My daughter learned a lot, started having better communications with other kids and made a lot of friends. This is a perfect Childcare center for any child to go to and I highly recommend of it.

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