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Faculty Handbook: Section 2-3

Internal Career Advancement Program

Statement of Program

The State University of New York Agricultural and Technical College at Cobleskill recognizes the need for an internal career advancement program for its employees.

The College shall continue to grant advancements/promotions within rank and to upgrade positions in SL rank as each position warrants or as each employee merits such in-grade promotion and will give first consideration to SUNY Cobleskill full-time and part-time professional staff especially for career advancement/promotion to those vacant positions in the Professional Services Negotiating Unit regardless of rank. In other words, if an internal candidate meets the qualifications for a position, they should be given first consideration. SUNY Cobleskill hopes in this way to recognize the competency and contributions of its professionals as they significantly affect the quality of the institution as it strives to achieve its objectives, including those of affirmative action. The program is applicable to all vacancies regardless of rank in the bargaining unit which have not been waived in accordance with the waiver policy stated in the “Guidelines for the Employment of Professional Personnel,” as published November, 1997. At the discretion of the appointing authority, positions designated Management/Confidential levels may also be filled under this procedure.


The State University of New York Agricultural and Technical College at Cobleskill has established the following procedure for providing career advancement/promotion opportunities for its professional employees and to recognize those who have given service to the University. (Professional employees shall mean an employee in the Professional Service Negotiating Unit, other than an employee with academic or qualified academic rank.)

  1. All vacancies in the professional bargaining unit will be recruited through the Internal Career Advancement Program with the exception of those waived under the waiver policy. The posting will provide ten (10) working days for the receipt of internal letters of application for advancement/promotion.
  2. Interested qualified full-time and part-time professional staff must file a letter of application for advancement/promotion with the Director of Human Resources within a ten (10) day working period following the publication of a vacancy on the campus SharePoint. The Director of Human Resources will acknowledge receipt of the letter(s) of application no later than one (1) day after the application deadline.
  3. The Search Committee will process these applications following the “Guidelines for the Employment of Professional Personnel”.
    • If a recommendation for appointment is forwarded to the President, he may approve the request for an internal advancement/promotion or may require an open affirmative action search.  The successful candidate shall accept or reject, in writing, the advancement/promotion within five (5) working days of receipt of the notification.
    • If no letter of application is received in a timely fashion and/or no applicant can meet the minimal qualifications as stated on the vacancy notice, an open recruitment will be recommended. The Coordinator of the Search Committee will inform the President of his/her rationale for applicants not meeting the qualifications.
  4. Any applicant found unqualified shall have the right to appeal the evaluation of the Search Committee.  The appeal procedure shall be as follows:

    • The employee shall make that appeal in writing to the existing campus Promotion Review Panel within five (5) working days of receipt of notification.
    • The campus Promotion Review Panel shall consider the appeal and render its decision within ten (10) working days of receipt of the appeal. The decision of the campus Promotion Review Panel shall be forwarded to the College President with a copy to the appellant.
    • The College President may accept or reject the recommendation(s) of the campus Promotion Review Panel.
  5. In the event there are no applicants or appeals, the Office of Human Resources shall advertise the vacancy. If the search is unsuccessful and the position is redefined, the process will begin again.  All letters of application submitted after the ten (10) day period will be considered in the normal affirmative action search.
  6. In order not to compromise Cobleskill’s affirmative action goals, it will be the intention of the College to conduct an open affirmative action search for the final vacancy created by the Internal Career Advancement Program.

The Internal Career Advancement Program for SUNY Cobleskill emerged as a cooperative venture of the SUNY Cobleskill community. All parties involved were truly committed to achieving a process whereby the points of view of the Administration, SUNY and UUP were represented


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