Connect to the WiFi

Wireless Connections

Tigernet, SUNY Cobleskill's signature Wireless internet service, is available in every building on campus including the residence halls.

In order to connect properly, you need to log in with your Cobleskill network username and password. Once connected for the first time, Bradford will run. Bradford Persistent Agent scans your computer to confirm that your computer has an up to date Antivirus program and meets the requirements to connect.

If Bradford fails, not to worry. Within your scan results, Bradford will direct you to the proper software such as Microsoft Security Essentials to get your computer up to speed. 

Once that is done and all the correct software is set up, rescan Bradford. Then you finally should be able to connect and browse the Internet wirelessly.

Wired Connections

You can also use a wired connection with a Cat5 Ethernet cable. All rooms in the residence halls have a Ethernet port, usually located near the door to your room.

If you do not have a cable, the College book store in Bouck Hall sells them for a low price.