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Summer Program

EOP Summer Group

First-time fall semester students are required to attend the EOP Summer Program which is provided through special State funding. The EOP Summer Program is a 4 week, mandatory summer orientation experience on our college campus specifically developed for our incoming EOP first-year students.

Students experience a comprehensive, rigorous, academic centered program in preparation for their return in the fall. In addition, they also participate in group college survival skills, personal and academic counseling sessions, and structured recreation and enrichment field trips.



EOP Summer Program Frequently Asked Questions

The EOP Summer program is mandatory for all first-year (freshmen) EOP students. There is no cost to you for this summer program other than travel expenses to and from campus.  

Yes. All students must receive a COVID-19 vaccination and booster prior to arriving on campus.  If you have not yet received the vaccine please make plans to do so immediately.

Please notify the EOP Office immediately of a potential conflict at eop@cobleskill.edu or 518-255-5836. We will review your conflict and follow up with you.

All topics covered during the Orientation sessions will also be covered during the EOP Summer Program. You are free to sign up for one of the sessions if you want, but that is your choice. For more information about Orientation, please visit https://www.cobleskill.edu/orientation/

a. That information will be emailed to you soon 

  1. You can travel by bus
    1. i. https://trailways.com/ - Please make sure you select the campus bus stop Cobleskill (SUNY), NY
  2. You can travel by vehicle
  3. You can travel by train BUT you will have to find transportation from the train station to campus by taxi, Uber, or Lyft
    1. The Albany-Rensselaer station is 49.5 miles from campus https://www.amtrak.com/stations/alb
    2. The Schenectady station is 38.3 miles from campus https://www.amtrak.com/stations/sdy
    3. iii. The Amsterdam station is 35.3 miles from campus https://www.amtrak.com/stations/ams


  1. The EOP Summer Program’s residence hall in July will be Wieting Hall. You can find more information about Wieting Hall at this link https://www.cobleskill.edu/campus-life/residential-life/wieting.aspx
  2. During the August portion of the EOP Summer Program (August 21-28), you will be housed in your Fall 2022 residence hall room. You can find descriptions of every residence hall at this link https://www.cobleskill.edu/campus-life/residential-life/res-halls.aspx
    1. Make sure you have completed your Housing Survey for Fall 2022, directions to do so are located at https://www.cobleskill.edu/campus-life/residential-life/housing-survey-tips.aspx
  1. For the EOP Summer Program in July, please contact the EOP Staff immediately at eop@cobleskill.edu or 518-255-5836. We will note your preferences, but we do not guarantee we will be able to accommodate your request.
  2. For your Fall 2022 housing assignment, please note your roommate request on your Housing Survey https://www.cobleskill.edu/campus-life/residential-life/housing-survey-tips.aspx 
EOP has loaner laptops that you can borrow during the Summer Program and during each semester. Quantities are limited, but we will make every effort to support your needs.
  1. Yes, Schoharie County Public Transportation https://ridescpt.com/ . Routs 2 and 2A come to campus. We suggest you call in advance as their summer schedule may be different than what is posted on their website. During the school year this service is paid for through the Transportation Fee, but for the Summer Program in July students will need to pay $1.25 per ride.
  2. The EOP Staff will also provide free transportation to Walmart and other local businesses as needed frequently throughout the EOP Summer Program.

These webpages will provide you with an overview of the local area:

  1. The Cobleskill Partnership, Inc. website – https://www.cobleskillpartnership.com/
  2. The Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce – https://schohariechamber.com/
  3. The Village of Cobleskill webpage – https://www4.schohariecounty-ny.gov/village-governments/village-of-cobleskill-home-page/