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Confidential Resources


Level: These resources cannot re-disclose any information provided by a reporting individual. 

Includes: Medical providers; licensed mental health counselors; clergy; off-campus counselors and advocates. These individuals must be acting in the capacity of these roles when learning of a report in order to maintain confidentiality.




Level: These resources do not disclose any personally identifiable information to police or campus officials, but provide aggregate data to the Title IX Coordinator as required by law.

Includes: Counselors without licenses; employees at a campus advocacy center, including a women’s center or crime victim assistance center; administrative staff at counseling, health, and advocacy centers. 



Level: These resources will limit disclosure as much as possible while complying with the law and SUNY Cobleskill policy, which requires notifying the Title IX Coordinator or designee of all known details.

Includes: All SUNY Cobleskill employees besides confidential resources and non-professional counselors and advocates; including Deans, Resident Advisors, Residence Directors, Academic Advisors, Faculty and more.