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Assessment Resources


Assessment Schedule 2021-2023 (PDF 0.1 MB)

 A schedule of assessment deadlines, reminders, and information from 2021-2023


Assessment & Weave Guide (PDF 1 MB)

A step by step guide to assist you with utilizing the Weave assessment software. The guide includes instructions on accesing Weave, completing the Weave sections, adding users, closing out your assessment cycle, and beginning a new assessment cycle. The guide also includes a list of resources. 


A detailed PowerPoint-style presentation including explanations of the assessment cycle: mission, goals, outcomes/objectives, measurements, targets, findings, and action plans. This presentation also includes reflection questions to aid you in developing your assessment and step-by-step visuals to guide you in utilizing the Weave software.


Closing the Assessment Cycle (PDF 480 KB)

A PowerPoint-style presentation to guide you in closing the assessment cycle. This presentation includes prompts on resource reflection, completing your findings and action plans, and how to start a new assessment cycle in Weave. 


Summer 2019 Assessment Resources Update (PDF 770 KB)

A PowerPoint-style presentation addressing some terminology that was discussed in the May and June 2019 professional development workshops. This presentation also includes a brief refresher on assessment concepts and guidance on writing measureable objectives/outcomes.