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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Honors Program more work? 

"Honors" does not translate as "more work" or "harder." It is a different type of work and learning experience. Honors work helps students think critically and delve deeper into their field of study.


Can I transfer into the Honors Program? 

Yes, if you transfer into a SUNY Cobleskill Bachelor's degree program with 60 or more credits and a 3.5 overall GPA; you only need to complete 9 credits of Honors Work at Cobleskill. Additionally, if you transfer in 30 credits or more and you meet the gpa requirements, you can complete 12 credits of honors work to become a Honors Program graduate.


What skills will I cultivate in the Honors Program? 


What if I want to study abroad? Will that count as an honors course? 

We encourage our Honors students to become well rounded citizens of the world. Study abroad is a great opportunity to do this. A study abroad class may also count as an Honors Designation course or even a Capstone Project.


What if I plan on graduating early?

It is possible! Working closely with the Honors Director will help you to plan out how many credits you will need and how you can space them out. Our new offering of an upper-level liberal arts and science course helps students earn honors credits and degree completion credits. We hope to add a three-credit honors only course every year, if not every semester.


What happens if I drop below a 3.25 GPA?

Students whose cumulative GPA dips below a 3.25 will be granted a probationary semester. While in the Grace Period, students may take seminars, complete honors credits, and participate in all honors activities and events. We will work with students towards good standing. If the GPA does come back to the 3.25 or higher by the following semester, the student will be dismissed from the Honors program. The student may choose to reapply to the Honors program again once the GPA is back to the 3.25 or higher.


How will I know what kinds of projects to do?

Your imagination is the limit. Honors students have the opportunity to do small projects (15-20 hours worth) or larger ones that work towards your degree completion credits. Here are some examples from our students:


How do I keep track of my honors program progression? 

At least once a semester, each honors student meets with the Honors Director to discuss plans for the semester, including projects and progression. The record is kept with the director, but classes are also identified in DegreeWorks.