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Crime Prevention and Education Programs

Crime Prevention and Education Programs offered by University Police: 

CPR/First Aid/AED
The Student Medical Response Team along with UPD Officers provide training for non-medical persons.

Alcohol/Drug Awareness
New law updates and how they affect you, i.e.; Zero Tolerance Law, and a review of SUNY Cobleskill's policy.

Driving While Intoxicated
NYS DWI Laws (.08%) and the effects and consequences of a DWI arrest.

Career Opportunities in Law Enforcement
An overview of Law Enforcement jobs and the hiring procedures of Civil Service.

Basic Defensive Tactics
Learn the basics of personal defensive tactics.

Law, Law Enforcement and the Legal System
Honest discussion about the law and the legal system.

"I was arrested, now what can I expect?”
Presentation that explains your rights and the criminal justice process after arrest.

R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Woman's Safety on and off Campus
Issues of personal safety when walking, shopping, driving, living alone, both on and off campus.

The Job of a University Police Officer
An overview of your University Police Department and the function of the University Police Officer.

Harassing Phone Calls
Tips to prevent them and to stop them if you are getting them, and how to catch the perpetrator.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights
What they meant when they were written and what they mean to us now.

I am a victim of a crime. What are my rights?
Even if you have not reported a crime to the police, you have rights as a victim. Learn what they are and what you can do.