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Veterans Admissions Guide

GI Bill®


1. Apply for VA Educational Benefits (GI BILL)

  1. Contact Caroyn Nelson, Veterans Program Manager
    1. There are various service related educational enitltements, each with its own set of qualifications. Some are simple, while others are more complex; you may often qualify for more than one option. We realize it is difficult to find one direct source of information. We are here to streamline this process and make it as easy as possible.
    2. Carolyn Nelson is a retired USMC veteran who has outstanding experience working with military affiliated individuals and students in higher education.  Carolyn will conduct a brief interview with you to match your eligibility with your options, and then advise on the best process to secure the entitlement(s). (P) 518-255-5900 (E) nelsoncm@cobleskill.edu
  2. If you plan on utilizing any GI BILL, click here and follow the directions to complete the online VA application. 
    1. This link can also be utilized to transfer your GI BILL or update your benefit profile.  The VA requires that you "update your current benefits" anytime you change a school or major.
    2. Upon completion of this application, the VA will send you a "Certificate of Eligibility" (COE).  It can take up to 30 days for the VA to send this to you via mail. 
    3. (optional) Beneficiaries who have applied for education benefits and received a decision, but have not yet received a COE have the option to submit a "Statement of Benefits" for certification. To do so, you must create a vets.gov account to access the Statement of Benefits. With a username and password, beneficiaries can access the Statement of Benefits by completing the following steps:
      1. Login or create an account at vets.gov
      2. Select "Your Account"
      3. Choose "Get your Post-9/11 GI BIll Statement of Benefits"
      4. Click "Print Statement of Benefits" and send it to us.  We will still need your COE once it comes in for our record(s), but we can certify you with this document. 
  3. Once you receive your "Certificate of Eligibility" from the VA, submit the form to our campus Certifying Official Rebecca Burton in the Financial Aid Office at SUNY Cobleskill. Rebecca can also assist with other financial aid issues. You may submit the information in person, via email, fax or U.S. Mail:
    1. email: financialaid@cobleskill.edu (fastest method)
    2. phone: (800) 295-8988, (518) 255-5623 fax: (518) 255-5844
    3. mailing address: Financial Aid Office, Rebecca Burton Certifying Official, SUNY Cobleskill, Finanical Aid Office, 118B Knapp Hall Cobleskill, NY 12043 
  4. Complete the SUNY Cobleskill Veteran Student Status Form and submit it to Rebecca Burton.
    1. The VA requires that the school accurately certify any changes in your academic program or schedule. This form must be submitted each semester, and anytime you modify your schedule to help you avoid penalties or repayments to the VA.

2. Apply for Active Duty Tuition Assistance

Military Tuition Assistance (TA): This is the primary tuition assistance program for active-duty service members. It covers the cost of tuition and some fees for courses taken at accredited colleges, universities, and vocational schools. Here's how to apply:

    1. Contact your Education Services Office (ESO): Speak with an education counselor at your military installation's education office to discuss your educational goals and determine your eligibility.
    2. Choose an eligible institution: Select an accredited school or program that participates in the TA program.
    3. Complete the required paperwork: Your education counselor will guide you through the application process, which typically includes submitting a TA application and creating an education plan.  Each military branch has its own TA application form and procedures. To find out how to get started, visit your local installation education center, go online to a virtual education center or click on the following links for each service branch:
      1. Army
      2. Marine Corps
      3. Navy
      4. Air Force
    4. Submit your request: After receiving approval from your service branch, you can enroll in your chosen courses.

3. Apply to SUNY Cobleskill

  1. Apply online using either the SUNY Application or the Common Application
    1. Please note the admissions benefits for Student Veterans.
    2. Submit a completed application and a Fee Waiver Military Form. The application fee is waived for students that qualify as one of the following: active-duty service member; National Guard or active Reserve member; veteran; spouse or dependent child of an active duty, National Guard, active Reserve or veteran sponsor.
  2. Transcripts
    1. Candidates must furnish either a high school transcript, GED scores or college transcript. If you have less than 30 credits at the college level, you must also furnish a final high school transcript.
    2. Military Transcripts - You can (and should) apply to earn credit for your military experience by supplying a military transcript. SUNY Cobleskill highly values your military experience and will evaluate your military transcripts to help provide as much transfer credit as possible in accordance with your program of study and university policies.
      1. JST (Marines, Navy, Army Coast Guard):
        1. Register (if you forgot your login, register again)
        2. Click "Transcript"
        3. Click "Official Transcript Request"
        4. Enter "Cobleskill" in search field.  Select State University of New York at Cobleskill and then follow the prompts to submit.  This is sent electronically to our Registrar's Office.
      2. Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)
        1. Follow the step-by-step guide and submit
  3. Submit standardized test scores. We accept SAT and/or ACT scores. Please have these sent directly to the office of admissions from the testing agency.
    1. Admissions decisions based on SAT/ACT scores occur only for those seeking bachelor degrees and are not required for associate degree applicatants.
  4. Submit any letters of recommendation or essays. These may be included as part of your application submission online or they can be sent directly to the office of admissions by your guidance office.
  5. Check the status of your application regularly by contascting admissions admissions@cobleskill.edu or 518-255-5011 | 800-295-8988.
  6. Make sure to visit the Accepted Students Page to ensure to review the detailed list of everything you need to know and do before starting classes.
  7. SUNY Cobleskill refrains from high pressure recuirtment tactics as part of efforts to eliminate aggressive marketing aimed at Service members.  You will find our Recruitment Policy here.

4. Apply for Financial Aid (Tuition Assistance and Veteran Scholarships)

  1. Apply for Financial Aid (General Federal and State Aid)
    1. Regardless of the any VA educational entitlements you have been awarded, you should apply for all of your financial aid options.  Click on the link above and follow the directions for applying for federal and state financial aid. 
    2. Once you recieve an email confirmation that your FAFSA award has been sent to SUNY Cobleskill (approximately 48 hours), please contact Rebecca Burton to discuss your financial aid options as they pertain to your VA educational entitlements. 
  2. Apply for a SUNY Cobleskill Scholarship - SUNY Cobleskill issued $884,875 last year.  Whether you believe you need it or not, the veteran's office highly encourages you to submit an application.  Deadline for new students is August 4.
  3. VA Work Study - Get paid to assist fellow military affiliated indivduals while you study!  This is a fanstastic program and we encoruage every military affiliated indivdual to see if you qualify.  In most cases, and students utilizing GI BILL (every chapter) qulaifies.  Make sure to check it out and submit an application if you feel this is right for you!
  4. Federal Military Tuition Assistance - this mainly applies to active duty, reserves and/or National Guard.  Follow the directions below to learn more.  Generally speaking tuition asisstance is applied for independently or through your command.  See your education officer or liason for assistance.
    1. Army - Go Army Ed
    2. Navy and Marines - Naval Education and Training
    3. Coast Guard - Forcecom
    4. Air Force - AFPC
  5. State Military Tuition Assitance (Veterans, Reserves, Guard, and Dependents)
    1. Recruitment Incentive Retention Program (RIRP) is a New York State program designed to recruit and retain members for the State Military Forces (Army and Air National Guard, and Naval Militia). This competitive program will pay the cost of tuition up to SUNY tuition rates per semester.
    2. New York State Veterans Tuition Awards Scholarship  (VTA) are awards for full-time study and part-time study for eligible veterans matriculated in an approved program at an undergraduate or graduate degree-granting institution or in an approved vocational training program in New York State (NYS).
    3. NYS Military Enhanced Recognition Ncentive and Tribute Scholarship (MERIT) provides financial aid to children, spouses and financial dependents of members of the United States Armed Forces or state organized militia who, at any time on or after Aug. 2, 1990, while New York State residents, died or became severely and permanently disabled while engaged in hostilities or training for hostilities.
    4. NYS Regents Awards for Children of Deceased and Disabled Veterans created to provide financial aid to students whose parent(s) served in the U.S. Armed Forces during specified times of national emergency.
    5. The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) of the Department of Defense is an educational financing program for spouses of active duty service members and activated guard and reserve members. MyCAA offers up to $4,000 to eligible military spouses to pursue certifications or licenses for portable careers.
    6. Student Veterans Association Scholarship - To be awarded to a full time returning student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Veteran discharge must be either general, general under honorable conditions or honorable. The student must be active in SUNY Cobleskill SVA (active defined as attending minimum of 3 meetings per semester and 2 events per semester.) Financial need preferred but not required. 


GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.