Veteran Campus Benefits

SUNY Cobleskill is Military and Veteran Friendly. We embrace the mantra “Putting Students First” and are committed to helping you make a successful transition from a military lifestyle to an aca­demic lifestyle.  Whether you are currently serving in the Military, a Veteran, Dependent, member of the Reserves or National Guard, your service to this country is greatly appreciated.  The Department of Veteran Affairs is constantly looking for ways to enhance our services to student veterans so that we might be able to provide a better service to you. 

In addition to our Campus Services for Veterans, there are also many more benefits to attending SUNY Cobleskill as a Veteran:

Admissions Benefits for Student Veterans

SUNY Cobleskill understands the unique needs of students that have served in the US armed forces. To ensure these Students receive full consideration, Admissions has implemented the following benefits to assist veteran applicants through the admissions process. 

Benefits for Accepted Students

Webucator Online Self-Paced Classes - Exclusively Free for student veterans!! -- These are online self-paced courses that provide access to training on various areas, such as; frequently utilized software programs (Microsoft Office Suite, Windows, Java, Oracle, and much more), social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more), and general programs such as Customer Service, Professional Writing and much more.  If you are interested, please contact Christina Pratt at prattcr@cobleskill.edu for access.