Student Veteran Resource Center

The SVRC is open and available to all student veterans, active duty, national guard, reserves, dependents and non-veteran members of the Student Veteran Association. It is our Mission to provide a space that is welcoming, comfortable, clean, academically conducive and enjoyable for our veterans.

Transition is something that many of us are accustomed to, especially for members of the U.S. armed forces.  We know that although we are able to adapt and overcome in almost any situation, having the right tools/resources can help us maximize our success.  Transitioning to civlian life and/or College, juggling work and family responsibiltities, challenges of service related experiences, and navigating veteran resources are experiences that many of us share, understand and appreciate.

Thats what the SVRC is all about.  We are here to navigate this experience together, maximize success, and have some fun along the way.  Make sure to stop by!


SVRC Rules and Regulations