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Add Balance

Auto Reload - A Great Budgeting Tool!

Conveniently manage your (or your student’s) financial needs at school with one of our Auto Reload options. This time-saving feature enables you to automatically add value to your prepaid accounts.

Note: If you are a parent, before you can set up an Auto Reload schedule your student must create a Guest User account for you.  If you do not have one, please contact your student.

Read the complete instructions for creating a Guest User account >>

Once you have account access, to set up an Auto Reload follow the step-by-step instructions below.  You will first create a payment method and then establish the parameters of your Auto Reload schedule. 



Creating Your Payment Method

  1. Visit cobycard.campuscardcenter.com, and Log In or Register for Web Account Access.
  2. Log In to your student’s account using your Guest Username & Password.
  3. On the Left Menu, click on “My Profile” and select “Payment Methods”.
  4. On the Page, click on “Add New”.
  5. On the Page, under “My Credit & Debit Cards - Add”; Complete the form and click "Submit".
  6. You will receive a "Payment Method Added" confirmation message


Establishing Your Auto Reload Schedule

  1. On the Left Menu, click on “Auto Reload”.
  2. On the Page, check the appropriate boxes to set up your parameters:
  3. Select when to add value: o For low balance, enter the amount of the low balance o For every week, select the day of the week o For every month, select the day of the month
  4. Select Payment Method
  5. Specify How Much/Amount by entering first which prepaid account you wish to add the funds to, then the amount to be added. Click “Save."
    1. Congratulations! You have successfully established an Auto Reload schedule.
  6. On the Left Menu, click “Logout


If you have any questions, please contact the CobyCard Service Center at 1 877-711-6261, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST or via email at campuscardcenter@cobleskill.edu for assistance.