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For Campus Health and Safety:
• Masks are required unless seated to eat
• Social distancing will be enforced
• Seating will be limited

 What are my Meal Options*:



Champlin Late Night

Coby's @ Champlin

Brickyard Brewhouse
(Current hours 7:30am - 2pm)
Farm Fresh Cafe (w/Online Ordering Option)
(Current hours 7:30am - 2pm)


*Due to market constraints/availability, all items may not be available at all times


When are we open:

Check out our Hours of Operations (subject to change)

Online Ordering is available at Farm Fresh Café (CANR)
click for easy to use instructions!

Click any location to learn more about their dining options.


How does CAS do dining better?

Look for our Paws-itive food choices -
Designated by our new logo

Pawsitive Logo

Paws-itive Icon identifies the
healthiest food options
we offer that meet these requirements
• Less than 500 calories per Entrée
• Less than 15 grams of fat
• Less than 5 grams saturated fat

Generally have less sodium
and less added sugar
Offer valuable nutrients
per portion size,
such as: whole grain,
high fiber, good source of vitamins/minerals


Champlin Residential Restaurant

Champlin is newly renovated
and ready to serve!
Come on down and check it out!



Coby's has moved from
Downtown to the former
"The Pit" location in Champlin.


Twisted Whiskers

FALL 2021/


Warner Express Café

FALL 2021/



Farm Fresh Café

menu options for
breakfast and lunch
in CANR. 

**Online Ordering Available


Prentice Café

FALL 2021/


Brickyard Brewhouse

Brewhouse is back!
Finger Lakes Coffee,
breakfast sandwiches, snacks,
smoothies, hot/cold drinks,
espresso, cappucino,
bottled beverages


Stress Reliever



Lemongrass Café

Our Allergen Station is located 
Champlin for all your Allergen needs.
See your server or ask for a
Chef if you have additional needs.

Home-to-Campus Meal Ideas

Submit one of your favorite meals from home, and we could use the recipe to create a dish for the dining hall!

Submit Your Meal Idea 


Tiger Talk

Give us feedback about your dining experience! We love to know when we get it right, but also when we need to improve. Fill out a feedback card at any dining location. 

Food Assistance Resources

Our campus is committed to making sure students have reliable, stigma-free access to food throughout the year.

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