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Fraud Policy

SUNY Cobleskill is committed to upholding the highest standard of honest behavior, ethical conduct, and fiduciary responsibility with respect to campus funds, resources, and property. As such, SUNY Cobleskill seeks to prevent and detect any fraud or irregularities and will diligently pursue any instance that involves SUNY Cobleskill related activities or business.

Fraud and irregularities includes activities that are (1) a misappropriation of assets; (2) in violation of or non-compliant with any Campus, SUNY, New York State, or federal law, regulation, policy or procedure; (3) economically wasteful; (4) an indication of gross misconduct or incompetency; or (5) an unethical, improper, or dishonest act.

It is the policy of SUNY Cobleskill that all members of the campus community:

All members of the SUNY Cobleskill community are expected to report any known or suspected fraud or irregularities. Generally, an individual may discuss the concern directly with a supervisor; however, if the individual is not comfortable speaking with the supervisor, the individual is not satisfied with the supervisor’s response, or the individual does not have a supervisor (such as a student), the individual may report the concern to the campus’ designated officer, any campus fraud hotline, or SUNY’s System Administration fraud hotline.

To report suspected fraud or irregularities to the campus’ designated officer:

Individuals have the option of either providing contact information or reporting the information anonymously. While not required, providing contact information will enable the reviewer to contact the individual to clarify the information being provided. At a minimum, individuals should provide key information such as a description of the incident; individual(s) involved; and financial loss, if any. When requested, SUNY Cobleskill will make every effort to handle all information received confidentially, to the extent permitted by law. Consistent with New York State laws, employees or other persons who lawfully report suspected improprieties shall not suffer discharge, demotion, suspension, threats, harassment, discrimination, or other retaliation as a result of making such a good faith report.

All complaints will be reviewed objectively and without regard to the suspected individual’s length of service, position, title, or relationship with SUNY Cobleskill.