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Record Retention Procedure

State agencies are legally responsible and required to keep business records for a specific period of time. This procedure is intended to provide a standard guideline for records retention across the campus. 

Campus departments are responsible for knowing exactly what their records are, where they are kept, the disposition dates, to maintain their storage and/or secured space, and dispose of those records on or after their disposition date.

When archiving your records:  All records should be transferred to archive boxes. Boxes must be full in order to prevent boxes from collapsing on one another. Boxes should be clearly labeled with the following information and visible on both ends of the box:

  1. The Name of the Department
  2. The Types of Records Stored in the Box
  3. A Unique Numbering System
  4. The Disposition Date (the earliest date at which the records can be disposed of)

The Numbering System should consist of two letters as a prefix designating the department, and five numbers beginning with 00001. For example: The first box from Business Affairs will be labeled BA-00001. Box two will be BA-00002, etc.

When a department has prepared their archive boxes, they must, if needed, process a work order to request transportation from their location to their storage area. A representative of the department should make sure the boxes arrive and that a Record of Retention Log is kept at the department's storage area and in the department's office.


Disposition Dates

Different types of records must be kept for varying periods of time. Disposition Dates are available as a PDF on the right side of this page under "Resources". If you have records that are not listed on the attachment, please refer to the SUNY System Administration Records Retention and Disposition Policy.


Records Retention Log Form

The Log Form is available on the right side of this page under "Resources." A representative should periodically check the disposition dates on their records and dispose of them in accordance with our disposition policy. All confidential documents should be shredded or placed in the confidential shredding bins. All other records should be recycled. It is suggested that all records be reviewed on an annual basis to allow for adequate space for new records.

If you have any questions about this new system, they should be directed toward Heather McKelvy in the Business Office at x5533.