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Internal Control Program

Developed in accordance with the COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations) Framework, The New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit, and Internal Control Act of 1987, and the SUNY Internal Control Program Policies, our Program fulfills its requirements to: 


What are Internal Controls? 

Internal Controls are a process, impacted by all individuals that operate on behalf of an entity, designed to provide reasonable assurance to all stakeholders regarding the achievement of objectives relating to an organization’s operations, reporting, and compliance.  Controls exist to promote operational efficiency, safeguard assets, protect information, provide reliable financial information, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.


Why Controls are Important 

All Employees should be aware of the College’s goals, and their role in fulfilling the mission. You should be routinely exercising good judgement and act in a manner that protects the institution from loss, waste, fraud, and error. All employees should seek out opportunities for improvement and act in the best interest of the College and the Public; continuous improvement is key! 

A strong Internal Control Program promotes: 


Fraud Policy and Report Form

In the event you suspect misconduct regarding the utilization of SUNY resources, contact Internal Controls Officer (Wendy Gilman) for a confidential discussion, to the extent permitted by law at (518) 255-6996 or visit https://www.cobleskill.edu/about/offices-services/business-affairs/fraud-policy.aspx



Any questions or concerns regarding our Internal Control Program please contact: 

Wendy Gilman, VP for Business & Finance 
Internal Control Officer 
(518) 255-5416 


Also, please visit our website at: