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Presidential Support of the Internal Control Program

At SUNY Cobleskill, we have been entrusted with significant resources from public funds to carry out our mission. We are collectively responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations, stewardship of our assets, accuracy of financial reporting, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Internal controls assist us in carrying out these shared responsibilities. 

Internal controls are the integration of activities, plans, attitudes, policies, and efforts of the people throughout all operational and functional areas of the College to provide reasonable assurance that we will achieve the College's objectives and mission. Simply put, internal controls are about making sure the right things are being done by the right people working together to successfully accomplish the College's goals. 

SUNY Cobleskill has adopted an internal control program designed to promote adherence to the New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit and Internal Control Act of 1987 that formalizes commitment to efficient and effective business practices, quality services, and ethics in the operations of NYS state government agencies. 

Each of us is important to the success of our internal control program: by rigorously following policies and procedures; by successfully fulfilling our duties and responsibilities established in job descriptions and by meeting performance standards; by taking all reasonable steps to safeguard assets against waste, loss, and unauthorized use; by attending training to increase understanding of internal controls; and by reporting internal control issues, problems, or breakdowns. 

As president, I want to affirm my support for a strong control environment founded on ethical values, integrity, and competence, and an operating philosophy that provides a framework of discipline and structure, vital for the College's success. 

For more information about our internal control program, please visit our internal control website, https://www.cobleskill.edu/about/offices-services/business-affairs/fraud-policy.aspx or contact our Internal Control Officer, Wendy Gilman at 518-255-5416.  

SUNY Cobleskill President Marion Terenzio