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Business Affairs Overview

Effective Immediately Purchasing Restrictions

All purchasing of non-critical goods and services is suspended until further notice.  Critical purchases of goods and services are subject to specific SUNY Cobleskill purchasing thresholds.

  1. Critical purchases up to $1,000 may be done via a PCard, Requisition, or Purchase Order with the approval of the chair and the dean.
  2. Critical purchases between $1,000.01 and $5,000 must be approved by the chair/dean and Wendy Gilman via a PERC form.
  3. Critical purchases exceeding $5,000 must be approved by the chair/dean and forwarded to Wendy Gilman via a PERC form with final approval by the president.

PCards have been reactivated with a $5,000 monthly limit and a $1,000 single transaction limit and must be approved by the chair/dean.  Split transactions are not allowed and may result in permanent deactivation of a PCard.

Purchases for any and all COVID related responses must be reported to Laura Gross by Tuesday of each week on the COVID Weekly Tracking Template with copies of the invoice/quote and/or Purchase Order.  COVID related PCard purchases must identify the cardholder and send a copy of the receipt.”

PERC Form >>

COVID Weekly Tracking Template >>

The Office of Business Affairs provides a full array of financial and administrative services to the campus community in support of departmental objectives and the College mission.  We are tasked with a diverse set of responsibilities including Accounting, Purchasing, Travel, Accounts Payable, Budget Planning, and Internal Controls.

Our office oversees the development and deployment of budgets, maintaining financial records and reports, implementation of financial policies and procedures, purchasing of goods and services, and accounting for the Alumni Association, Alumni Commons, and the SUNY Cobleskill Foundation.

As part of our responsibility, we serve as liaison with external vendors and various State and Federal agencies, and are accountable for fiscal compliances of all transactions, reporting and obligations of the College.