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Transfer Credits

With verification of the Registrar, the appropriate school dean after consultation with department chair(s), may grant credit for courses completed successfully at other accredited institutions of higher education. Credits evaluated and accepted into one major field of study may NOT necessarily be accepted toward the major field requirements in another field of study. Change of major REQUIRES reevaluation of transfer credits by the school dean with input from the department chair of the new major.

Credit may be granted for credit courses from accredited colleges, as certified by the Registrar, in which grades of "C" (2.00) or better were earned, subject to evaluation by the appropriate school dean with input from the department chair. If the student's incoming cumulative average is "C" (2.00) or better, credit for "C-" or "D+" grades may be accepted for elective credit only.

Credits earned off campus are non-residence credits. No more than 33 total non-residence credits may be applied toward degree requirements for the associate degree. No more than one-half of the major field requirements may be non-residence credits.

Courses which have been evaluated as "elective" may be used to fulfill degree requirement (e.g., courses which are evaluated as SOSC, HIST or PSYC "elective" fulfill part of all of six hours of social science requirement). Courses evaluated as "free elective" may only be used to fulfill the "general elective" requirement. The number of free electives required may be different based on the student's curriculum and degree. The transfer of these courses is based on the school dean's recommendation.

All hours granted under "Cobleskill Equivalent" are semester hours. Transfer institutions which use quarter hours are so noted on the evaluation. Quarter hour equivalency is 2/3 that of semester hours.


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Transfer Credit - Bachelor Degree

The work taken for the associate degree or equivalent will be evaluated and each candidate's program will be planned based on previous education and Bachelor degree requirements.

Approval of Credits Obtained at Other Colleges after Admission to Cobleskill

Students currently enrolled in a degree program must have prior approval from the advisor and school dean (via signature on a change of status form) for transfer of credits obtained at other colleges after admission to Cobleskill. Repeat of courses at another college already taken at Cobleskill will not change the grade earned at Cobleskill.

Categories of Transfer Credit

In addition to credit received from other accredited colleges, the credits accumulated in the following areas also count towards the maximum of 33 credits allowed as transfer credit: New York State College Proficiency Examination Program, the College External Examination Board Advanced Placement Examination, the College Level Examination Program and challenge examinations administered at SUNY Cobleskill.