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 On behalf of the Office for Student Leadership & Orientation,

Welcome to the Coby Family, we look forward to meeting you this summer! 

August 25 Orientation Session Schedule is Below

Click HERE to Register for the August 25 Orientation Session!

Check-In begins at 8am, so please SAVE THE DATE! More information will be sent out shortly.



Not sure what you want to study yet?

We look forward to welcoming you into the SUNY Cobleskill community through our 2022 Orientation Sessions. Attending orientation is required for all new freshmen and transfer students. There will also be a Family | Support Person Orientation Session offered concurrently during the two Overnight Orientation Sessions, however, this is not a requirement that family members or a support person attends this orientation.

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Overnight Orientation Session: 

Note: There is no registration fee or housing fee assigned to newly enrolled students who attend an Orientation Session. 

Up to two family members/support persons of incoming students are permitted to join us at the Overnight Orientation Sessions for the Family/Support Person Orientation Session. Family Member/Support Person participants are not required to attend Orientation sessions and can choose to reside on campus in Alumni Commons or select off campus accommodations. There will be no Family Member/Support Person Orientation Sessions hosted during the 1-day Orientation Session experience.

Additional fees do apply to any Family Member | Support Person who wishes to attend the overnight Orientation session. 

This apartment style accommodation will permit that each family member/support person has their own room, however, the bathroom and common areas may be shared with other family members | support persons attending the Family Member/Support Person Orientation Session. 


1-Day Orientation Sessions

There will be two 1-day sessions hosted in July. These sessions are geared towards non-traditional age students. Any student who is residing on campus in the fall is required to attend the overnight orientation. Any traditional age students are strongly encouraged to attend the overnight orientation. 

The two dates for the 1-day experience are:

(There will be no Family Member/Support Person Orientation Sessions hosted during the 1-day Orientation Session experience).

To register please click the button below.

Be sure to keep checking your SUNY Cobleskill email for more information about Orientation, how to connect with your COBY Orientation leaders and for additional correspondences.

All Orientation sessions will be in person this summer. Please keep in mind that the Orientation experience is vital to all new students becoming active, engaged and connected members of the Coby Community. If you have any questions, please contact us at orientation@cobleskill.edu, or visit this page for up-to-date information.   

The August 1-2 Orientation session is currently at capacity. Please register for the wait list here. We will contact you if an opening becomes available.

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Additional Considerations

Orientation FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • A reusable water bottle 
  • Pillow, sheets, & a blanket | or a pillow, sheet, & a sleeping bag for the bed (note: Twin XL is the sheet size). 
  • Sunscreen | Bug Spray
  • Comfortable shoes 
  • Clothing for the 2nd day
  • A change of clothing / activewear / sneakers (are recommended)
  • Pajamas 
  • Medications & Toiletries for the night
  • A phone charger 
  • Tablets and Laptops may be a good idea, not required.

You will be moving into one of our Residence Halls for the evening and you may have a roommate for the Orientation Session. 

No, we keep the incoming students VERY busy during Overnight Orientation Session and the Family | Support Person Orientation Session is happening at the SAME time as the Student Overnight Orientation Session, just on a different part of campus.

We want each Orientation Session to be special and to empower new students to begin navigating their own experience at SUNY Cobleskill, so we do our best to keep you all separate.

YES! Students who attend the Overnight Orientation Sessions or the 1-day session will be provided with meals. 

Any family member | support person who registers for the Family | Support Person Orientation will have meals provided.


The Department of Residential Life has a lot of information for you to read, check out their website for more!


You will have the opportunity to create a profile on Roomeez and then search roommates to see if you find any matches? This allows new students to have the opportunity to meet other new students to find roommates.

Rest assured, if you can't find a roommate, Residential Life will assign you a roommate later in the summer, HOWEVER, we strongly encourage students to take the time to connect with one another to ensure that one's roommate is a good fit. Click here for more information! 

It takes up to 72 business hours (2-3 business days) for information to be updated and for new students to be able to access their housing application. If you want more information about "How to" submit the Housing application click here! The contact information for Residential Life can be found on here

Thank you for asking, we are finalizing these schedules and will be sharing them as soon as we can!

Thank you for asking, we are finalizing these schedules and will be sharing them as soon as we can!

The Orientation Summer Session schedule is complete at this time! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Orientation@cobleskill.edu with any questions you may have. 

We have great news! Academic Affairs is working to ensure that your Academic Schedule will be created before you arrive on campus for your Orientation. See the Accepted Students Information for a checklist of what to do before arriving on campus.
They are based on the Academic Program. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, however, a useful guide to look at is the College Catalogue. It has much more up to date information on your academic requirements. 

First, click this link which will take you to the banner web log in portal.

Once you have logged on you will go to the “Students Services” tab, then click on “Concise Student Schedule”. Information regarding how to read your schedule can be found at this link, www.cobleskill.edu/academics/registrar/how-read-schedule.aspx.

Academic Affairs can answer many of your questions about your academic schedule for the fall 2022 semester. You will have PLENTY of time to connect with them WHILE you are here at Orientation, but rest assured, if you have questions before you arrive, see below for their contact info.

Please click here to get connected with a staff member from Academic Affairs at SUNY Cobleskill. 

No, HOWEVER, Academic Affairs will be intently registering new students into the courses that they will need to meet their academic requirements. 

Since many academic programs require students to take courses in a particular sequence, it is important for students to be enrolled in the necessary courses that they need to progress within their academic program/major. For more information on contacting Academic Affairs, see below.

Yes, there is! Check out this link for more information! 

Check out our Coby Engage Page! Click here to sign in!

Did you know that Coby Engage has an APP and it is called CORQ!

Make sure to download the CORQ app before you arrive at Orientation! 

The Overnight Orientation Session is an incredible opportunity to get to meet our Student Orientation Leader staff, get to explore campus, meet other new students and MORE! 

There will be so much happening during Orientation! You will have some time to meet with Academic Affairs to ask questions about your class schedules & find out about what resources are on campus to support you as you embark on your journey at SUNY Cobleskill. 

You will be assigned a roommate for Orientation and you will be in a group with one of the Orientation Leaders who you will get a chance to spend a lot of time with! Rest assured, you will eat meals with your group, get to meet other new students and get to know your way around campus. The best part is this is just the beginning! After Orientation, you will arrive on campus for Welcome Weekend and have even more time to explore the campus before classes begin!

Since this session primarily consists of students who are of non traditional age, it is important to be mindful that this session will primarily focus on academic and scheduling related questions. 

There will be other opportunities to connect with other resources across campus during this day and there will be a variety of important presentations and sessions presented to all new students at that time. 

Absolutely! The Orientation Leaders will be hosting a few virtual conversations soon. Stay tuned for more information!

Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram @cobyorientation_osl & send us a DM! The Orientation Leaders are standing by to answer any questions you may have! Stay tuned for more content to be posted all the time!

Make sure you are using #CobyOrientation for all of your posts about Orientation 2022! 

No problem! Make sure you email us at Orientation@cobleskill.edu with this information and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Keep in mind that we need all reservations to be finalized 7 days before each Orientation Session. 

Refunds for cancelation will only be considered for families | support persons that notify the Office of  Student Leadership & Orientation seven days prior to the program date. Please contact us at Orientation@Cobleskill.edu

You can call us at Orientation at 518-255-5300 OR email us at Orientation@cobleskill.edu. We will provide you with additional information at that time related to this matter.