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Apply for Housing

The housing application is a very important assessment tool. This application helps identify your preferences so that you can make the best roommate connection possible. Although we encourage you to consult with family and friends about your decision making regarding your college experience, it is important that YOU make the final decision on your housing preferences. The guide below is intended to give you some tips on how to answer each question on the application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Residential Life Office at 518-255-5215 or at ResidentialLife@cobleskill.edu.

Items to Note:

The housing application is available by term. Students should complete the housing application for the semester they intend to begin residency at SUNY Cobleskill.

Students starting their residency in August should complete the Fall housing application. The Fall housing application is generally available March through August.

Students starting their residency in January should complete the Spring housing application. The Spring housing application is generally available November through January. 

If you miss the timeframe noted below to select your room and roommate(s), we will do our best to house you according to your preferences, but all preferences are subject to availability.

Step 1: SUNY Cobleskill Email Account

You must activate your Cobleskill email account in order to access password information that will be sent from the eRezLife housing software.View the directions for setting up your Cobleskill email account.

Once you have set up your Cobleskill email and paid your housing deposit, you should go to the following link to access the eRezLife housing software. Click Apply to access eRezLife.

Step 2: eRezLife Account

Once on the eRezLife Homepage, click ACTIVATE ACCOUNT.

Please enter your email, including @cobleskill.edu and your 800#.

Click on ACTIVATE ACCOUNT. You will then receive an e-mail (to your Cobleskill email account) from eRezLife with a link to create a password.

You will be asked to enter your Cobleskill email address (this must be typed in all lowercase letters).

Step 3: Housing Application

Once logged in, click the green APPLY NOW. Answer the short application, regarding your preferences. Please follow the section information below.

Section 1: Residence Preferences

This section is to help determine the type of building you are interested in living in. 

SUNY Cobleskill offers co-ed, single gender, and gender-inclusive housing.

SUNY Cobleskill offers four lifestyle opportunities.

We offer a variety of room styles for our students (Prices are subject to change. The prices currently listed are reflective of 2022-2023 pricing.):

*Standard single rooms are only available in First Year Experience lifestyle housing.

**Vroman Suite style rooms are only available in Vroman Hall Sophomore Year Experience lifestyle housing where 24 credits or more are required.

***Alumni Commons Suite and Townhome style rooms are only available in Upperclassman lifestyle housing where 36 credits or more are required.


First-Year Students should select only Double, Superior Single and Standard Single Rooms. (Note: Standard singles are located in our First Year Experience area only and are limited.)

Transfer students with 24 or more credits may indicate Double, Superior Single, Vroman Suite Double, or Vroman Suite Superior Single. (Note: Standard singles are located in our First Year Experience area only and are limited.)

Transfer students with 36 or more credits are eligible to live in our Upper Class Level Building option, Alumni Commons. This option provides single occupancy bedrooms in a shared townhome or suite living arrangement. Suites are occupied by 3 or 4 persons. Townhomes are occupied by 6 persons. Both suites and townhomes have gender-inclusive bathrooms.

Section 2: Tell Us about Yourself

This section lets us know about you which is utilized when looking for roommate matches.

Smoking: ALL residence halls are smoke-free, HOWEVER, our students are not. Some people are allergic or cannot tolerate smoke and we do not want to match a smoker with a non-smoker. Please remember that smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of and within all campus residence halls.

Noise Tolerance: You will be spending a great deal of time in your room and likely with your roommate as well. Although there are regulations that outline expectations for noise levels in the residence hall, it is important to consider how you and your roommate relate in regards to personal noise tolerances. Although this question primarily targets academic needs, please carefully reflect on your own general noise preference before indicating your answer to this question. Because “noise" is a very ambiguous category, it is difficult to make perfect matches, but we will do our best to try and make the best match possible.

Please note that CONSIDERATION HOURS are in effect at all times, in every residence hall.  This means that all noise is to be kept at a level which will not disturb other residents or other community members. 

Athlete: Please indicate if you are a member of a SUNY Cobleskill NCAA athletic team. Please click "show options" and select which sport(s). If you are a non-athlete, you still must select "show options" and select "non-athlete." 

Section 3: Tell Us about Your Ideal Roommate:

This section lets us know about what you will look for in a roommate.

Noise Tolerance Preference; This question is looking at what you look for in a roommate in their noise tolerance levels.  It is important to note that it may be the same or different to your individual noise tolerance level. 

Academic Preference: Some students feel that they would like to live with someone of the same department or with someone from a different department area.  Please consult the following list to help determine your preference:

Section 4: Additional Information:

The Request for Special Housing Accommodation guidance document can be found by clicking the link in the application. If you have questions about this form, please contact the AccessABILITY office.

Step 4: Application Confirmation

Once you have completed each section in the application you should move on to the Confirmation section.

You must open, read, and agree to the terms and conditions file that is included in the application before you submit your application. There will be a pop up box that will provide you with a confirmation number and indicate that a confirmation email was sent to the email account associated with your eRezLife account.

Step 5: Roommate Selection

Go to “RoomeeZ Profile” on the blue task bar on left side (or the drop-down menu if you are using a smart phone) and complete and turn on your profile. RoomeeZ is a roommate searching tool to help connect you with possible roommates.

If you are not requesting a specific person to be your roommate but instead will allow eRezLife to utilize your preferences to match you with a roommate, simply exit the website.

If you are requesting a specific person to be your roommate follow these steps:

Step 6: Room Selection

There will be 3 separate housing selection lotteries and they are first come, first serve:

At your designated time, log back into eRezLifeYou will pick your specific room for the academic year. You will receive a confirmation email with your assignment once you select your room.

If you complete your application after August 1 or did not select your own room, you will be assigned a room by the Residential Life Office.

Please consult the "Living on Campus" section of the Residential Life website for more information to help with your transition, such as the Frequently Asked Questions page as well as the What to Bring page.