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Apply to Live in Alumni Commons

Incoming Students:

Go to Apply for Housing page.


Continuing Students:

Follow the instructions below. 

Click Here to apply for Alumni Commons housing. This will take you to our eRezLife software system. If you do not remember your password for eRezLife, please click “Forgot username or password” and an email will be sent to your Cobleskill email account with a link to a webpage to reset your password.

Please note: You will only see the survey if you are eligible for the survey population. This means you must have a minimum of 48 anticipated completed credits. This means that your completed credits and your enrolled credits for the current semester must equal 48 completed credits. If you review your Degree Works account to show the number of completed credits and add your total registered credits you will come up with your anticipated completed credits. If that number totals a minimum of 48 then you are eligible to take the survey.

You will be asked to indicate the number of anticipated completed credits and if you are a New or Continuing student. Please enter the number of credits and select Continuing.

You will need to confirm that you information is correct on the screen and then save. You will then need to select from the left blue column the current Academic Year to access the survey.

Question 1: In gender-neutral housing, men and women live in single occupancy bedrooms in potentially gender mixed townhome and suite living arrangements. Suites are occupied by 3 or 4 persons. Townhomes are occupied by 6 persons. Both suites and townhomes have gender-neutral bedrooms. Based on this information, please:

  • Select MALE if you are male AND want to live with only male individuals in your suite or townhome.
  • Select FEMALE if you are female AND want to live with only female individuals in your suite or townhome.
  • Leave NO PREFERENCE checked and do not select a male or female options if you are fine living with males or females in your suite or townhome.

Question 2: Are you a smoker? Please note that ALL RESIDENCE HALL INTERIOR SPACES are smoke-free.

  1. Review the terms and conditions file.
  2. Indicate everything you have disclosed in the applications process is correct.
  3. Select Submit Application.

You will receive a receipt and a confirmation email that you have submitted your survey successfully. If you do not have a particular roommate group you are trying to set up then you have completed the survey. If there are particular people you are hoping to live with, please continue on to the Roommate Selection portion of the application process.

  1. Select "Roommate Selection" process once you have confirmed your application. Roommate groups can be made for up to 6 people. Reminder, townhomes are set up for 6 individuals and suites are set up for 3-4 individuals.
  2. You may choose to join or create a roommate group at this point.
  3. Invitations to join your friends’ groups will appear in the table. If you have an invitation you should confirm the group if you would like to live with those individuals. Do not create a new group with the same people. You only need to have one group.
  4. If you do not have a roommate group waiting for you to join or you want to live with a different group, you can create a new group below the table on the page.
    1. Create a group name.
    2. Settings:
      1. Keep group together will only place the entire group if there are enough beds available to do so.
      2. Split the group up will allow individuals to be placed near the other members of the group if there are not enough beds to house individuals in one townhome or suite.
    3. Members:
      1. You will need your friends 800# or Cobleskill email account
      2. The correct spelling of their first name in order to add them to the group.
    4. When you save the group, it will share the information to your friend’s eRezLife accounts and request that they confirm the invitation as outlined in item 3 above. When you complete your roommate preferences select Save Roommate Preferences. You can then Save and exit the application.

If you have completed the application successfully, you will receive an email on or around March 3 from the Residential Life Office with your Housing Lottery selection time.

If you have created a roommate group, the individual with the earliest lottery slot can select a townhome or suite for their roommate group and will be asked if they would like to assign their entire roommate group to that particular townhome or suite.

If you have not created a roommate group, when your housing lottery time becomes available, you will be able to select from any available bed and would be living with people in your suite or townhome at random.